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“In an effort to get people and places to choose healthier beverages, the Minneapolis Health eDepartment has launched the reTHINK campaign. The new campaign aims to help people to understand how beverages make up a significant part of their diet, and what people drink can either positively or negatively impact their mind and body. Experts have identified sugary drinks as the single largest contributor of calories and added sugars to the U.S. diet.” -

Sweeteners that add calories to a beverage go by many different names and are not always obvious to anyone looking at the ingredients list. Some common caloric sweeteners are listed below. If these appear in the ingredients list of your favorite beverage, you are drinking a sugar-sweetened beverage.

  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Fructose
  • Fruit juice concentrates
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Dextrose

Here are some tips to find what is in your drinks:

  • Look at the nutritional facts that are usually on the side or back of the products. It gives information on how much a product contain sugar, sodium, and calories, etc. Make sure that you are aware of how much you consume throughout the day whether it is foods or drinks. You don’t want to exceed your daily calorie intake or waste it on unhealthy food.
  • Drink water instead of sugary and carbonated drinks. There are many benefits to drinking water. Water helps your body flush out waste, keep your body hydrated, maintain bowel movements, and more. It doesn’t have any calories and can help you lose weight. Don’t substitute water with anything, drink water!
  • When ordering drinks, go for less! Less is more and more satisfying. Whether it’s ordering smoothies, coffees, shakes, etc., get it in small, if possible kid size. If you get it in a smaller size, you won’t feel as bad eating it, you’ll save money, and won’t have the urge to finish the entire drink especially if it’s in a large size.
  • Sodium intake is another thing to watch out for. Too much sodium can lead to heart related accidents and diseases, high blood pressures, stroke, and more. “Based on a 2013 phone survey of more than 180,000 adults across 26 states, DC and Puerto Rico, CDC research reveals that just over half of U.S. adults reported taking action to watch or reduce sodium intake – while one in five say they have received professional medical advice to reduce sodium intake.“

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Today we did postcards of our name. Then we had to research stuff about a certain culture and write a story. I did my story on the Australian culture and it’s about a Australian boy who dad dies and then him and his flee to the wilderness.

Once upon a time there was a boy. The day he was born his mother got a report from the war saying that his father died. His mother named him Sheridan .So his mother and him fled to the wild living on their instincts and wild animals. 15 years later he is stalking a wild boar sneaks behind a bush and reaches for his bow. He then secures the bow and pulls out an arrow he aims and shoots the boar in the lungs. The boar then flees he then followed the blood and took the boar back to his mother when he returned he found a man standing in front of his mothers tent. Sheridan asked who the man was but he did not answer he only turned toward Sheridan abruptly pointed at him and yelled get him!. Three men jumped out of the trees and tried to grab Sheridan but he was too quick. He leaped away from the first guy and grab for his bow then hit the second guy across the face with bow. The first guy got up and dove at Sheridan but Sheridan jumped over the guy and then and shot an arrow into his hand but the third guy grabbed Sheridan and slammed onto the ground. Hen he picked him up and reached f0r his dagger but he stopped suddenly released him and fell. Sheridan looked over the hill and saw his father. He shot another arrow towards the guy standing in front of the tent and ran to get his wife.


Today at AMA we researched different culture told stories about them and learned a lil more about being bicultural in your everyday life style.


Today went by pretty fast and it was really fun. I really enjoy doing research about other cultures. I when doing the research I learn so many things about Korean’s cultures like what they do, how they act, things they like, etc. One thing that I was surprise about was the korean table manner.

My day at work was good. It was normal day. We research about cultures and had to do a wordle about it. My culture was about Japan. We had to also write a story about it too. We are gonna go to young eagles. It is a place where we can ride planes. We are gonna go on the 18th. My story is gonna be a scary story.

-Paying yang

Today we did a lot of fun things. We Made Beautiful Postcards That Really popped out. Afterwards We Played some co-ed Games that were fun. Also T Told Us About A Helicopter Rink That We Are Going On A Field-trip to. Today Was A Very Productive Day.


Hey! Carvez again.

I wanted to tell you all the cultures I would have liked to be if I weren’t African- American.

Besides my African- American culture I wanted to be multiple different cultures. I wanted to be Asian, Canadian, French, Italian, German, and many more. I even wanted to be Jewish.

I wanted to be all those cultures because of all the benefits I can get from them.
I know for Jewish culture, Christmas (Hanukkah) can last for almost eight days. Eight days worth of presents.


Today again we went over door knocking and did training over it. Also what we will say when we get to the doors we went over it 10-20 times and got it really good. We was suppose to go door knocking today but because of the rain we had to do a day of training over it.

~~Sania Pickens

Editing a red picture promoting healthy living

Editing a red picture promoting healthy living

Hello again everyone! I am Pheng Xiong. I learned a lot about BALL. It is about different cultures and how they can make a healthy living, and not just focusing on one culture. Turns out, cultures can be healthy in different ways, and we want to find a way to promote is in many or every ways.

Today i learned that a lot of money is fused into a movie. I also learned that there are many different assets to a movie.

What B.A.L.L. means to me is the joining between different cultures.IMG_5943

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