June 2010

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Why I love music? Music is the one thing that brings my emotion/feeling into a piece of art. My life is all about art, music is one of them so I have to keep my music with me, and making music that express my feeling and the struggle that I’ve been going through. Some may see my way of living but many doesn’t,I want to share my feeling from my point of view and I know that many do share the same way that I do. Music is one art that I can enjoy without doing drugs, and all type of stupid shit I always do.
Who you going to be if your life is without music? If there’s no music in my life, there wouldn’t be me standing here right now. Probably I would be at home smoking a joint, doing stupid shit that can make me sit in jail, or worst, I would be dead or something. It’s a good thing that I’ve got music into my life to be the person who I am right now. A lot of time people can’t show their feeling to others so they just keep it inside, if it wasn’t for music, I would’ve been someone who I don’t want to be in the future.
If there’s someone who told you to quit making music, would you stop? Why? I love music and there’s no body who could make me stop making music. My brother, Sister, Uncle, a lot of the people that know me told me that I should stop my music because I wouldn’t go no where with it, and some people that I don’t know even say the same thing, telling me I can’t rap for shit, who would listen to my music,I should stop because I suck, well that doesn’t stop me because all of them can say what ever they want, at least they don’t have the guts to do I’ve done. My older brother love rapping but after I drop my first rap, and my all my uncle say that I’m whack, my brother stop, because he let others judge him, he care about others telling him what’s good and what’s not. After what he herd from all of my uncle saying that I need to stop rapping because it’s a disgrace to me and the family, he just stop and he told me to stop too but I’m not him, I do it all out, I don’t care who say what, because that’s who I am, I be who I be and they be what they are.
Later in the future, are you going to drop your first album or no? Why? I say maybe one or two years from now, I be dropping my first album, but it wouldn’t be just only me, it’s going to be the music production crew from Youth Media Force, and the name of those people be me Monkey Moua, Chai Yang, Kong Her, Jeffrey Vang, Kristy Vang, Pa Dao Lee, Kevin Lee, and many more to come. The album name haven’t thought of that yet but the group name will be Young Love, which we decided to call it Young Love is because we grew up in the same neighborhood with the same situation, we didn’t have any support but ourselves, growing up protecting each other, depending on one another. And this is why music is important to me, music is my life.

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