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“Make the H1N1 Flu End With You”

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H1N1 Prevention PSA, in Hmong language

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i share a room nd bed wit mi little sista nd 1 nite b4 we went 2 sleep she told me dat i wuz talkin n mi sleep da nite b4. i wuz like wut did i say cuz its alwayz funny 2 kno wut we said, she told me 1st i said who drivin, who drivin, who drivin, then she told me i said who n da tub, who n da tub, wait …… who n da tub. hahahaha i started laughin so hard i wuz cryin.

i dont remember wut i wuz dreamin about but it wuz funny :)

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1day i wuz at home wit mi mom nd sista nd then mi door bell rang, i went 2 answer da door nd there wuz like 6 or 7 gurlz outside. i wuz like wut do yall want nd a gurl wuz like where yo sista at but 4 some reason mi mom wuz yellin at me, tellin me to close da door. i left nd the bell rang again, all da gurlz wuz still there, 1 of da gurlz said tell yo sista i bet she wont c me n dem hands though, i wuz lookin at her like wut iz u talkin about, then mi sisa came 2 get me away from da door cuz mi mom wuz still yellin at me. when da gurlz saw mi sista they all started yellin sayin wut it do, do somethin nd all that. then mi mom came out nd they all talked nd everything wuz ok again.

i dont kno wut happened dat day, i guess mi sista said somethin to them or somethin but o well

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mi summa dis year wuz da best summa i had n years. every summa i would sit n mi house nd do nothin, id watch t.v, play video games, but dis summa i actually did somethin. i got 2 hang out wit a few friends at work, go 2 class at north high, go on a canoe trip, go 2 camp sunrise, nd a lot more. how could i 4get, i got $$$$. dis summa wuz a blast 4 me, i really had a great time.


I strongly believe that being a gang member or just representing a gang is the most stupidest thing on earth that a human kind has created. I seen couple gang fights in my life which causes death, injury and it also causes family pains. The way I see it for most gang is just for teritory and there killing each other for drugs and even one thing that they see offend they take action that stupid. They runied there life just because they feel like the group is there family, there are family out there that they could’ve hang out

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Throughout all of my life I there is only one race that is the most violent race hmong gangs. I seen so many fights among ourself its a shame that we are label as the most cruel yet violent race. Every year at the Hmong New Year the will always be a outbreak among ourself. I don’t know why we fight among ourself is it ego and pride over colors or is it the part of being a man? From what i seen till this very day writing this post i have come to a question to Hmong Guys who are in gangs Aren’t you worried about your future? Is it the money and fame you want from it? Well if you are then make a difference in your life think about yourself five years from now. Are you just going to get married and settle down with no good education.

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