June 2011

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I went to my schools carnival and what I saw

I saw a girl in the bathroom at school

Puffy eyes and tears all down her face

I asked her whats wrong and she said to not tell

She said shes too fat and she doesn’t fit in

she said people will make fun of her if shes seen

She was not fat not even a little so I told her that

she looked shocked and looked at me like I was lying and she said

have you not seen the girls in the magazines?

I told her that the girls in the magazines are not perfect

a lot are photoshopped too she still didn’t believe me and just left.

It was sad that the media made people feel so insecure and sad.

Maybe one day people will realize that everybody’s different

and its not bad.

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A girl that struggles with obesity

Is wishfully thinking

In a dark room

On a cold winter night

Because she’s doesn’t have the courage

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Who: A sad obese asian man, wanting to lose weight but can’t anymore

What: His girlfriend left him that day, because he wasn’t listening

Where: At the park, on a bright sunny day, after their 3rd month

Why: Because he was obese and he wasn’t helping himself at all

When: After weeks of trying to make him lose weight, she was tried of trying

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A teen girl going crazy

crying very hard

in here room looking in the mirror

on friday night

she not fit like a model

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A group of young men and women

Walking, jogging, and encouraging

At the lake

On a cool Minnesota day

Because they all have struggled with their weight.

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A PlAnT…


TrYiNg To GrOw…


In ThE SeA…


In ThE FaLl…


It WaNts To Be TaLl…

Be Happy With Your Sizes,Shapes, And Looks.

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Body Image.

An over weight Girl

Running on a trend mill

In her her basement

On a hot summer day

Because she wanted to be skinny so she can fit in.

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A high school teenager.

Taking steroid pills and supplements.

In the mens locker room.

On a hot sunny day.

He doesn’t feel confident in his body structure and appeal.

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The worst birthday ever..

Who: A young overweighted boy

What: felt upset holding his toy

Where: at the park

When:  on his birthday

Why: because they told him to go away.

On a school day…

Who: A upset girl

What: mad at herself

Where: at school

When: during cheerleader try outs

Why: because they had no outfits her size.

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Who: An obese man age of 21

What: Sad and lonely

Where: A Friends house party

When: Saturday night from 4 pm-4 am

Why: Because nobody wants to talk to him because of his weight

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