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In the past couple of days i have learn many more things about HIV as well as AIDS. I recently learned what HIV and AIDs stands for it was suprising what the H in HIV stood for I wouldnt have thought of Astigma and the ,meaning for the A. it was pretty intresting learning about HIV,AIDS i got some new knowledge on the harmful disease.

i learned a lot. at first i thought moms where not supposed to take med’s while pregnant. i also thought baby’s with moms that are hiv positive where going to be to. but it’s a 2% chance if they take the med’s the baby would get it.









I bet you didn’t know what it meant at the top of you head. HIV can turn into AIDS so basically its the same thing. HIV can only be transmitted from certain body fluids like semen and blood. Don’t believe it when you can get it from kissing and their saliva is in your system. You would have to drink alot of saliva to get HIV/AIDS. the most common ways of getting infected with HIV TODAY! are having sex without condoms, sharing needles, and sitting on public toilet seats. There is a possibility that a person can protect themselves against sexual transmission of HIV infection by using latex condoms correctly every time they have anal, vaginal or oral sex.

thankx ! :)

What I Learned

For the past few days, there have been many people coming to talk to us about HIV, AIDS and STD’s. Many of us probably know some things about what these are, but the presenters help to bust myths and explain facts. HIV is a human. immuno-deficieny. virus. AIDS is an acquired. immune. deficiency. syndrome. I know that many different people can get HIV/AIDS, but it is a stigma to think only certain people, or races can get it. STD’s are serious infections or diseases that can be passed along from person to person and that is why these people came. Many people need to be informed that they are at risk of these infections, HIV/AIDS can be passed through: sharing needles or transfer of blood, unprotected sex, and from mother to child through birth or breast-feeding. I learned a lot about how these diseases can affect people and ho they live, but i also learned that with the right medication and care for your body, you can live a healthy life.

Past Few Days

These past few days we have been learning about HIV/AIDS etc.. I learned what they stand for Like for HIV it stands for Human Immunodeficient Virus, ad AIDS stand for Acquired Immune deficient Symptoms. We learned a lot about those two things today, HIV can be transferred through blood, needles, and body fluids. Today July 25, 2011 I got tested for HIV and turned out Negative which is a good thing, that means I don’t have HIV. Well on Friday, A women named May came in and told us about STD and HIV, and how to use protection if we are going to have sexual contact with the opposite sex or the same sex. She taught us about condoms and what you can get if you don’t use condoms, she also taught us how to put one on and what to do if your done using the condom.

What I learned

What i learned about with HIV/AIDS  was that you can’t get it from spit unless you drink gallons of spit. Also i learned that you can get it with open cuts, sharing needles, breast milk, and semen. Thats why you don’t need to have unprotected sex because then you can get all types of diseases that can hurt you badly or it it can kill you.

The past few days I have learned a lot. We had some guest that came to talk to us about HIV, AIDS, STD, and How to have safe sex. We learned a lot about sex and how to put on condoms and how to stay healthy. A lot of the new things i learned is that if you are HIV positive you dont have to let anyone know. I also learned many different ways to prevent pregnancy. Today everyone took a HIV test. It was fun and I learned a lot the past few days.


HIV/AIDS is an acronym for Human immunodeficiency virus /Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. More than 1 million people in the United States currently are living with HIV/AIDS, and more than half a million people have died of AIDS since the U.S. epidemic began in 1981, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. HIV/AIDS attacks the body’s immune system and is most often contracted through sexual contact. HIV/AIDS can also be passed to another person through contact with blood or body fluids, such as through blood transfusions, sharing needles contaminated with HIV, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

These past few days we have been talking about HIV. 2 people have come in and gave us presentations about it. On thursday and friday girl named Mae came in and talked about HIV and AIDS. She was very outgoing and she made it engaging by making games out of it so we can move around instead of just sit and listen to her talk. She even brought contraceptives and a wooden model to show us how to put on a condom. On Friday after her presentation she gave us a bag with condoms and candy and a $10 gift card. Today a guy came in talked to us about aids and he was very funny and I learned a lot of interesting facts. After that him and this other lady was giving out HIV tests to everyone. They like pricked my finger and it wasn’t that bad, it was just like a little sting and it went by pretty fast. So thats what I’ve been doing at work these past days.


The past few days, we’ve been talking about HIV and AIDS.  HIV stand for human immunodeficiency virus.  AIDS stand for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.  We talked about what it is, how it began, how it spreads, and how to prevent it.  Last week a girl named May came in to talk to us about it and today we had two people to come talk to us more about it.  HIV can spread by sharing needles, birth from mother to child, and having unprotected sex.  They also tested us because its good to get tested at least once a year.

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