How does the media (radio,t.v, etc.) influence the use of alcohol? They influence the use of alcohol because they advertise them a lot. By advertising them, it makes people want to drink alcohol just by how they advertise. Because on t.v they advertise beer and they make it look all good or else for example, maybe if you drink this kind of beer you’ll get girls. And by just doing that, people would want to drink alcohol. Same goes with magazines, the way the ad is advertise would make people want some. How has alcohol effected your age group? Alcohol has effected my age group in many ways. I’ve seen and heard about many people even at my age and up drinking and partying already. And it all deals with alcohol. Aside from that, I understand that in my culture or religion, we would always have alcohol at the special occasions or all these cultural things that we do. And also at wedding and the boys would have to drink. How do you live above the influence? If I was offered alcohol I just reject it cause I know better. Would the perception of alcohol change f they lowered the legal age? Well, to me I’d say nothings going to change because teenagers my age are already drinking alcohol so what’s the point? Even if the legal age was lowered there would’t be any difference.

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    The last question true, because my brothers under age and still drink

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    I think that it’s ok if it’s about the culture and stuff, but i think it’s bad that they make them drink until they’re drunk.