Alcohol Completion Sentences*

If the world… was alcohol free, that’d be good.

Tomorrow is always… a brand new day, its not too late to stop.

My father had said once… don’t ever drink underage.

A good friend… wouldn’t pressure you to drink.

Pressuring someone… to drink is a big no no.

Jumping off a bridge is like… putting all that alcohol in your system.

Love will always… be better than alcohol.

Genuine friendships are…. above the influence.

The grass is… greener if you don’t drink.

When you feel down… don’t turn to alcohol.

Picking friends is like… choosing not to drink.

Being alone is… not that bad.

No matter what… stay above the influence.

Live life to the fullest but…. remember the consequences of drinking.

A philosopher once said…. drinking isn’t going to solve anything.

The weatherman’s forecast states… a storm is coming, so take cover.

Your future is… not in that bottle of alcohol.

If I were to choose.. I’d choose for you to not drink.

The media… is all a lie with all those alcohol advertisements.

If I had an app it would… be the don’t drink app.

A photo describes… a happy person living an alcohol free life.

A mother’s love is… always there if you don’t drink.

A father’s love is… when you don’t choose to drink.

The world could be… amazing, if there wasn’t alcohol.

Getting struck…. is when you take the wrong road and go the wrong direction.

Using an escape rope is like… escaping from all that alcohol.

There is no need for… alcohol.

If I could I would… change the hands in time and turn you back to who you really were.

Dear Mr. President… stop all of this alcohol nonsense.

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    I like what you said about a good friend