My Twins Experience*

Going to the Target Field was a great experience. It was my first time ever going there too so everything was new to me. I didn’t think that it would be that big, but it was. Everywhere we toured, everything was very nice and I really liked it. The Twins weren’t there because they had a game somewhere else. But it was still nice getting to see how their own stadium is and how or what they would spend their quality time in. When we first got there, we got lost but we soon found our way to the place where we we’re supposed to be. Going inside and getting to see everything was awesome because not much people get to go on tours, especially teenagers like us. And knowing and getting to see all the neat, clean, and huge places, I’m lucky. Then when it was lunch time, we ate some good food that we made, it was only sandwiches but we got to choose the things we put in it and we got pop. I really enjoyed getting to go on this tour and getting to meet the vice president of marketing. It was a great experience.

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    It was a majority of us that went their for the first time to