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Twins Tickets!~

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The five things i learned at this job is how to use sumo paint and take pictures in right places so  the picture reflect, how make post card,i learned about hiv and aids,how to be professional.

This job help learn how to use computer better for my next job.

my educational plans is to go the high school finish tenth grade and work in the school year.

What I learned this summer at work is how to mix with people from a different background from me. I also learned how to still have fun at work. Also I learned how to create postcards. I also learned how to have fun and still get my work done. What  I learned that i would use at school is how to mix with people from different backgrounds. My education plans is to finish high school and go to college. Then go to law school to become a lawyer.


I really have a great summer with my co-worker and supervisor this year.I’m going to miss the work place and all the co-worker that work with me. I really enjoy doing this because I didn’t learn how to do all these thing until when I came to AMA and learn.The five things that I learn at least it was making a postcards,write on the blog,their a website call sumopaint where you can go and edit picture,Obesity & Body where you learn how many people they have many different kind of shape and size and what they do to keep them healthy,and last but not least is I learn about Tobacco/Drug/Alcohol where people they should not do anything bad thing because they can get kill from it.If I have a job similar like my summer job right now I would use some of the detail that I learn from AMA and use it on my future when I need them.

After I finish high school I want to go college,and after 4 year of college I want to become a teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade for elementary school.I want to be a success person to finish high school and college and I want to reach my goal that I want to become.I didn’t learn anything about college that much but their was a speaker name May came to talk to the AMA how we should use our time wisely to pick a college that we want to go.You can applying for  financial aid to help you to pay half of your school stuff,and see how much the college tuition rates is.We kind of did a research about the college that we want to go and see how much they cost for us to go and the college that I want to go after high school is Augsburg College.


Last Day Of Work ):

What I have learned from working with AMA is how to use and fix pictures to make into post cards. I also learned more about the topics we studied on because we had to look up information and by doing that, I get the useful information that we use to reach out to others too. Along with that I have learned how to make slogans catchy on the postcards. Another thing I’ve learned is to take good photos so that it’ll match the slogan. Lastly, I learned a lot about Hiv/Std/Aids because of the guest speakers.

How will you use what you’ve learned for your next job? Well, it depends on what kind of job I will have next. If I have a similar job then of course I’ll use everything I’ve learned from this job. But if it’s not that similar then, I can gain new experience.

My educational plan is to work and graduate from high school then go onto college. But by doing that, Ill have to be having good grades. So I can achieve my goals or plans for the future.

So today is the last day of work. I’ll miss this job and the people but, working with AMA has been amazing and a great experience. I learned many things that I will keep with me for a long time and I met many new people that were also amazing!

A few things I learned this summer we discussed and researched many topics. When we did Obesity/Body Image I learned the importance of being healthy and fit and the dangerous health risks you can get from being obese. We also had to make post cards for the topics we did. We learned how to use this thing called sumo paint it was kind of similar to photo shop and it was pretty cool. I think I could use this later on too like in school for different projects and stuff. I also learned all the effects of tobacco this made me want to stay away from smoking even more. I also learned about healthy relationships, how to have a healthy relationship not only with your boyfriend but also relationship with like friends and family. I also learned and researched about feminism, it was actually really interesting, Feminism is when women believe and fight for equal rights for women, and I learned how feminism really isn’t bad in a relationship as people say it is and that n some cases i† can make it even better if you aren’t too extreme about it.

After High School I do plan to go to college, I don’t know what I want to be yet but maybe like a nurse or a photographer. I want to be successful in whatever I do but at the same time have fun to. AMA also had people come in to give presentations and a lady came in  to talk about college. So I learned a lot from them too about college like what schools I can go to that major in what I want to be, the tuition rates. and  about financial aid, so I will use what I learned laater on when choosing a college and applying for financial aid, and etc.

Thank you AMA for making my summer job experience great!

Working with AMA has been a great experience for me this summer.

I learned a lot of new things here that I can use to help me in my future job or life. I learned to use sumopaint to make our postcards. Through our researches on the projects, I gained new information on our topics I might not have known before either. I also learned more about STDs/safe sex in general that my health class didn’t cover all. On our topics of healthy relationships, I learned what would help me have a healthy relationship not just with my significant other, but also my family and friends.And I learned a little more about college on how to choose the right one for me.

After this job, I am hoping to get another job now that I am 16 to continue to support me and my family. With all the new things I gained here, I can use my new skills to help me at my new job whatever it may be. I can use my knowledge of responsibility and working in groups to help me work efficiently at my new job. I can apply my decision-making skills when needed also. After having worked in groups a lot this summer, it helped my communication with others and I can use that to apply at my new job with my new co-workers and supervisor.

This fall, I will be a junior. I’m starting to think farther in my educational plans but I’m still not sure yet. I am planning and want to go to college. I want to go 4 years and maybe even continue it. I want to go into a career that is professional so I have been thinking of business career. Having been in the Step-Up program and having all these experiences, I actually have a broader idea and interest of what I want. But other than that, I am going to continue my education and get whatever job I can to help me save for college and support me and my family for the time being.

This might be my last year at Step-Up. Having this experience with AMA, I have gained so much in myself and for myself. I have much to thank AMA and my supervisors. It was a pleasure to be working here! (:

Last Blog*

Today is the last day of work and I had a lot of fun this summer.  I learned a lot about my community, issues among teens, graphic designing and I also learned a lot about my friends and co-workers.  I’m glad I had this job because I met a lot of really nice people.  Five important things I learned this summer are: 1) More about STD’s, how to avoid them and what they can lead to. 2) I learned more about photography skills and editing photos. 3) The media has a big influence on tobacco use and alcohol consumption. 4) How The Twins market to their fans and I learned more about Target Field. 5) I learned more about body image and obesity.

I’m going to remember these things that I learned because they will help me in the future and they will guide me and help me make better choices for myself and others.  I can use these skills in my future job because I may need to use the computer or use cameras, so I already have experience with it.  In the future I plan to attend a 4 year college.  Since STEP-UP work has ended, I’m planning to go find a job so I can work during school.

What I learned this summer, I will teach and tell to others my age and up. I will tell them about the issues going on in the world and teach them how to avoid the issue and stay safe.

The 5 Things I learned this are summer:

1. I learned how to make postcards online

2. I learned about different issues affecting the youth around the world.

3.) I learned how to use Youth In Charge and blog.

4.)I learned about how to work together with others.

5.)I learned how to protect myself and others from STDs, AIDs and HIV.

I plan to graduate High School ad go to  a 4 year college. I really want to go to Columbia University in new York or Georgia University in Atlanta. I want either study journalism and make documentaries or be a news reporter or study law and be a defense attorney or corporate lawyer.

Last Blog ;(

I learned a lot when i was here in HIA working for AMA. We did lots of things and a group we talked about real life situations about drugs and alcohol ETC. I learned a lot about HIV and AIDS as well because we had about 3 or 4 speakers who cam and talked to us about to prevent it and to be safe. One of the speakers came back and talked to us about College. So now i feel like i  know more than before. I learned that Condoms don’t always work if you put it in the wrong way, girls have their own condoms too! I found out that the Twins stadium is right next to a garbage cleaning place, not a lot of their fans know that. I learned how to budget money when and if i go to college. This experience taught me how to be professional when at a job interview and if i’m in a certain job. I also learned in my step up classes what is the difference between a debit and credit card.

From what i learned in this job and what i learned in step up will be helpful when i want to get another job in the future, because i did not know anything about being professional. Before i thought being professional you just had to wear nice clothes but now i know it’s all on how you speak and dress and your body language.

I will use the information that i learned when i go back to school because a lot of what i learned might be in my health books. I did some math work too so it will come in handy. I hope i will still remember all this when i got o college because that’s gonna be 3 to 2 more years.

-bao yang

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