Coming to an end

So today is the last day of work. I’ll miss this job and the people but, working with AMA has been amazing and a great experience. I learned many things that I will keep with me for a long time and I met many new people that were also amazing!

A few things I learned this summer we discussed and researched many topics. When we did Obesity/Body Image I learned the importance of being healthy and fit and the dangerous health risks you can get from being obese. We also had to make post cards for the topics we did. We learned how to use this thing called sumo paint it was kind of similar to photo shop and it was pretty cool. I think I could use this later on too like in school for different projects and stuff. I also learned all the effects of tobacco this made me want to stay away from smoking even more. I also learned about healthy relationships, how to have a healthy relationship not only with your boyfriend but also relationship with like friends and family. I also learned and researched about feminism, it was actually really interesting, Feminism is when women believe and fight for equal rights for women, and I learned how feminism really isn’t bad in a relationship as people say it is and that n some cases i† can make it even better if you aren’t too extreme about it.

After High School I do plan to go to college, I don’t know what I want to be yet but maybe like a nurse or a photographer. I want to be successful in whatever I do but at the same time have fun to. AMA also had people come in to give presentations and a lady came in  to talk about college. So I learned a lot from them too about college like what schools I can go to that major in what I want to be, the tuition rates. and  about financial aid, so I will use what I learned laater on when choosing a college and applying for financial aid, and etc.

Thank you AMA for making my summer job experience great!