I really have a great summer with my co-worker and supervisor this year.I’m going to miss the work place and all the co-worker that work with me. I really enjoy doing this because I didn’t learn how to do all these thing until when I came to AMA and learn.The five things that I learn at least it was making a postcards,write on the blog,their a website call sumopaint where you can go and edit picture,Obesity & Body where you learn how many people they have many different kind of shape and size and what they do to keep them healthy,and last but not least is I learn about Tobacco/Drug/Alcohol where people they should not do anything bad thing because they can get kill from it.If I have a job similar like my summer job right now I would use some of the detail that I learn from AMA and use it on my future when I need them.

After I finish high school I want to go college,and after 4 year of college I want to become a teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade for elementary school.I want to be a success person to finish high school and college and I want to reach my goal that I want to become.I didn’t learn anything about college that much but their was a speaker name May came to talk to the AMA how we should use our time wisely to pick a college that we want to go.You can applying for ¬†financial aid to help you to pay half of your school stuff,and see how much the college tuition rates is.We kind of did a research about the college that we want to go and see how much they cost for us to go and the college that I want to go after high school is Augsburg College.