Last Day Of Work ):

What I have learned from working with AMA is how to use and fix pictures to make into post cards. I also learned more about the topics we studied on because we had to look up information and by doing that, I get the useful information that we use to reach out to others too. Along with that I have learned how to make slogans catchy on the postcards. Another thing I’ve learned is to take good photos so that it’ll match the slogan. Lastly, I learned a lot about Hiv/Std/Aids because of the guest speakers.

How will you use what you’ve learned for your next job? Well, it depends on what kind of job I will have next. If I have a similar job then of course I’ll use everything I’ve learned from this job. But if it’s not that similar then, I can gain new experience.

My educational plan is to work and graduate from high school then go onto college. But by doing that, Ill have to be having good grades. So I can achieve my goals or plans for the future.