Through the nine weeks of being able to work for Asian Media Access through Step-Up, I have learned amazingly a lot about many topics that we have discussed or prevented.

  • Obesity vs Body image; When we discussed about this, it was about how people are affected by obesity and body image. And it’s a very hard struggle because its part of their body either if they’re overweight or they just don’t like the way they look its not a pretty position to be in and even til this day, I feel bad for them.
  • Alcohol Prevention; This is exactly about what it says, preventing alcohol. I learned how to prevent alcohol and the signs of an alcoholic or alcohol drinkers. This topic was also about how deaths are related to alcohol usage. And even teens these days are using alcohol in their daily lives.
  • Tobacco prevention/drug; Was about preventing drug usage and tobacco, why not to do these things and the effects of doing them. This is also a part of teens daily lives cause I’ve seen and know people who do it. This topic was also about choosing the right friends so they don’t peer pressure you to do things just like with the alcohol topic.
  • Love/relationships; This topic was about love and or relationships. It was about healthy relationships or abuse and just the many types that there is. We all chose a certain topic to do on this because love/relationships is a big topic.
  • Hiv/Aids/Std’s; For this topic, we learned about it for many days, we even had people come talk to us about it so that we are aware of these things. These are viruses and diseases dealing with sexual intercourse, even if its oral or anal, you can still get them.
  • Beauty; this was a topic where we also chose a topic from breaking down what beauty is. The topics were mainly about body art and the way people dress or the styles they wear.
  • Community map; This one was done on the first week of work where we worked in a group and made a map of our community. We also talked about how the community was.
  • Target field; This was when we got to go tour the target field, it was awesome. We got to go inside and out to get a view of everything. the food we ate there was good too, and it was a great opportunity.
  • Canoe/Movie; on this day, the girls didn’t get to go canoeing because of the weather so they took us to the movies instead and we went to watch the zoo keeper, it was a very funny movie and I really enjoyed it. Although I did want to go canoeing too.