Youth Media Force-Step Up 2011,

As it is coming down to the last couple weeks of our summer journey, its been a great opportunity to work with you all. Though it may have felt like summer school to you, I hope you can walk away with real life situations that you could apply to your next job such as showing up on-time, finding transportation to get to work, working on a deadline, getting paid to blog, creating social media tools for young people like you, and lastly learning how to work with your co-workers. I believe there is always room for growth, as what I’ve observed this summer many of you have struggled with the piece of working together and dividing the work equally. It takes a whole team working together in order to obtain a great final product, which I don’t think I’ve seen this summer. However, something that I am very proud of many of you is to see your dedication to the work that we’ve done this summer. I know many of you haven’t missed a day of work or have been tardy, and I would like to commend you all in doing such a wonderful job!
As I have said, many of you could use me as a reference in your next job however in doing so take time to reflect on your performance and how you’ve done this summer. Is your performance something you want me to tell future employers? What you’ve done this summer is a reflection of your work ethics, your personality, and a little showcase of your personal life. I hope that it’s been a pleasant experience. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. I hope many of you can see beyond high school and go to college.

It’s been a great summer, I hope you can enjoy the last couple of weeks you do have to recuperate for the fall semester!!

Fue Yang
Step Up-Youth Media Force Supervisor
Program Coordinator
Asian Media Access