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Last Day Of Work ):

What I have learned from working with AMA is how to use and fix pictures to make into post cards. I also learned more about the topics we studied on because we had to look up information and by doing that, I get the useful information that we use to reach out to others too. Along with that I have learned how to make slogans catchy on the postcards. Another thing I’ve learned is to take good photos so that it’ll match the slogan. Lastly, I learned a lot about Hiv/Std/Aids because of the guest speakers.

How will you use what you’ve learned for your next job? Well, it depends on what kind of job I will have next. If I have a similar job then of course I’ll use everything I’ve learned from this job. But if it’s not that similar then, I can gain new experience.

My educational plan is to work and graduate from high school then go onto college. But by doing that, Ill have to be having good grades. So I can achieve my goals or plans for the future.

Step-Up Celebration*

It was nice getting to see the mayor and the many people who worked with step up this year. Although it was 2 hours long just sitting there, it was okay because sometimes the speakers were funny and they also had these performers dance. After all of that, before we went home we got to eat some cookies.


Through the nine weeks of being able to work for Asian Media Access through Step-Up, I have learned amazingly a lot about many topics that we have discussed or prevented.

  • Obesity vs Body image; When we discussed about this, it was about how people are affected by obesity and body image. And it’s a very hard struggle because its part of their body either if they’re overweight or they just don’t like the way they look its not a pretty position to be in and even til this day, I feel bad for them.
  • Alcohol Prevention; This is exactly about what it says, preventing alcohol. I learned how to prevent alcohol and the signs of an alcoholic or alcohol drinkers. This topic was also about how deaths are related to alcohol usage. And even teens these days are using alcohol in their daily lives.
  • Tobacco prevention/drug; Was about preventing drug usage and tobacco, why not to do these things and the effects of doing them. This is also a part of teens daily lives cause I’ve seen and know people who do it. This topic was also about choosing the right friends so they don’t peer pressure you to do things just like with the alcohol topic.
  • Love/relationships; This topic was about love and or relationships. It was about healthy relationships or abuse and just the many types that there is. We all chose a certain topic to do on this because love/relationships is a big topic.
  • Hiv/Aids/Std’s; For this topic, we learned about it for many days, we even had people come talk to us about it so that we are aware of these things. These are viruses and diseases dealing with sexual intercourse, even if its oral or anal, you can still get them.
  • Beauty; this was a topic where we also chose a topic from breaking down what beauty is. The topics were mainly about body art and the way people dress or the styles they wear.
  • Community map; This one was done on the first week of work where we worked in a group and made a map of our community. We also talked about how the community was.
  • Target field; This was when we got to go tour the target field, it was awesome. We got to go inside and out to get a view of everything. the food we ate there was good too, and it was a great opportunity.
  • Canoe/Movie; on this day, the girls didn’t get to go canoeing because of the weather so they took us to the movies instead and we went to watch the zoo keeper, it was a very funny movie and I really enjoyed it. Although I did want to go canoeing too.


These past few days, we have been learning about hiv/aids. I learned many new things that I didn’t know about hiv/aids. I learned the many ways how you can get them and how you can protect yourself from them. Last week May came in and talked to us about std’s and hiv’s and explained many things from how to get them, how to prevent them ad etc. And that’s what happened today too but different people came in and we’re going to get tested.

Peer Pressure*

Peer pressure isn’t new, it has happened everywhere and still does even today. What is peer pressure? Peer pressure means exactly what the word is. It’s being or getting pressured by your peers. Peer pressure occurs in many situations but to me, the most situation that it occurs in is, drugs. Many people get peer pressure to do many different kinds of things from drinking to smoking and from smoking to many other things. And it’s never a good feeling to be peer pressured to do something you don’t want to. By getting peer pressured, people would have to do what they’re getting pressured to do and in the end, it mostly ends bad. Some ways to avoid peer pressure is by choosing the right people to be with and to say no.

Alcohol Slogans*

rhyme* – say no to drinking and be heard with your voice, because it was your choice.

* –  drinking alcohol is like a mouse going for the cheese on the trap.

sarcasm* – beer is just water, it won’t do anything to you.

myself* – just a normal girl filled up with many different things in life.

Poems; Alcohol*

a man
very depressed
on a cloudy day
sitting on his couch in his house with no lights on
because he’s an alcoholic


two siblings, a nine years old girl and a twelve years old boy
the nine year old girl is crying while her brother is comforting her
on a windy day
outside sitting on their porch
because their dad is an alcoholic and he abuses them



If the world… was alcohol free, that’d be good.

Tomorrow is always… a brand new day, its not too late to stop.

My father had said once… don’t ever drink underage.

A good friend… wouldn’t pressure you to drink.

Pressuring someone… to drink is a big no no.

Jumping off a bridge is like… putting all that alcohol in your system.

Love will always… be better than alcohol.

Genuine friendships are…. above the influence.

The grass is… greener if you don’t drink.

When you feel down… don’t turn to alcohol.

Picking friends is like… choosing not to drink.

Being alone is… not that bad.

No matter what… stay above the influence.

Live life to the fullest but…. remember the consequences of drinking.

A philosopher once said…. drinking isn’t going to solve anything.

The weatherman’s forecast states… a storm is coming, so take cover.

Your future is… not in that bottle of alcohol.

If I were to choose.. I’d choose for you to not drink.

The media… is all a lie with all those alcohol advertisements.

If I had an app it would… be the don’t drink app.

A photo describes… a happy person living an alcohol free life.

A mother’s love is… always there if you don’t drink.

A father’s love is… when you don’t choose to drink.

The world could be… amazing, if there wasn’t alcohol.

Getting struck…. is when you take the wrong road and go the wrong direction.

Using an escape rope is like… escaping from all that alcohol.

There is no need for… alcohol.

If I could I would… change the hands in time and turn you back to who you really were.

Dear Mr. President… stop all of this alcohol nonsense.


How does the media (radio,t.v, etc.) influence the use of alcohol? They influence the use of alcohol because they advertise them a lot. By advertising them, it makes people want to drink alcohol just by how they advertise. Because on t.v they advertise beer and they make it look all good or else for example, maybe if you drink this kind of beer you’ll get girls. And by just doing that, people would want to drink alcohol. Same goes with magazines, the way the ad is advertise would make people want some. How has alcohol effected your age group? Alcohol has effected my age group in many ways. I’ve seen and heard about many people even at my age and up drinking and partying already. And it all deals with alcohol. Aside from that, I understand that in my culture or religion, we would always have alcohol at the special occasions or all these cultural things that we do. And also at wedding and the boys would have to drink. How do you live above the influence? If I was offered alcohol I just reject it cause I know better. Would the perception of alcohol change f they lowered the legal age? Well, to me I’d say nothings going to change because teenagers my age are already drinking alcohol so what’s the point? Even if the legal age was lowered there would’t be any difference.

My Twins Experience*

Going to the Target Field was a great experience. It was my first time ever going there too so everything was new to me. I didn’t think that it would be that big, but it was. Everywhere we toured, everything was very nice and I really liked it. The Twins weren’t there because they had a game somewhere else. But it was still nice getting to see how their own stadium is and how or what they would spend their quality time in. When we first got there, we got lost but we soon found our way to the place where we we’re supposed to be. Going inside and getting to see everything was awesome because not much people get to go on tours, especially teenagers like us. And knowing and getting to see all the neat, clean, and huge places, I’m lucky. Then when it was lunch time, we ate some good food that we made, it was only sandwiches but we got to choose the things we put in it and we got pop. I really enjoyed getting to go on this tour and getting to meet the vice president of marketing. It was a great experience.

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