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I really have a great summer with my co-worker and supervisor this year.I’m going to miss the work place and all the co-worker that work with me. I really enjoy doing this because I didn’t learn how to do all these thing until when I came to AMA and learn.The five things that I learn at least it was making a postcards,write on the blog,their a website call sumopaint where you can go and edit picture,Obesity & Body where you learn how many people they have many different kind of shape and size and what they do to keep them healthy,and last but not least is I learn about Tobacco/Drug/Alcohol where people they should not do anything bad thing because they can get kill from it.If I have a job similar like my summer job right now I would use some of the detail that I learn from AMA and use it on my future when I need them.

After I finish high school I want to go college,and after 4 year of college I want to become a teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade for elementary school.I want to be a success person to finish high school and college and I want to reach my goal that I want to become.I didn’t learn anything about college that much but their was a speaker name May came to talk to the AMA how we should use our time wisely to pick a college that we want to go.You can applying for  financial aid to help you to pay half of your school stuff,and see how much the college tuition rates is.We kind of did a research about the college that we want to go and see how much they cost for us to go and the college that I want to go after high school is Augsburg College.


My work experience this summer with the AMA for the last 9 week it was fun.I learn 9 thing that i never know before and it was a great experience that I did so far.

Community Map:This is the first thing that we did during our first week of school and how we could help the community around the area where we live and where they live.It can help us if we are lost somewhere around there.A map is a really important thing that people they should know because when people they get lost they will know how to use a map.It help the other people to get what happening there when they don’t live near the community.

Obesity & Body Image:When I learn about the Obesity & Body Image it tell me how people they should loss weight when they are to Obese and tried to not eat so much.Obesity can sometime not helping you too.You don’t want your body to Obese then you got to help yourself to keep your body not to over weight it.Obesity is a really important thing that people they do not want to have.

Alcohol:When people they starting drinking alcohol they sometime can’t handle themselves because they maybe drink over the limit that they needed.Alcohol is kind of dangerous for people to drink to because if you drink to many alcohol then you can be over obese too.Alcohol is for people that are over 21 year old..But now day many people around the world they mostly drink Alcohol.Alcohol can make your life up side now too.

Tobaccoo & Drug: Tobacco and drug they sometime can’t not be a useful for your body because they are bad.Tobaccoo can give you bad breath when you do to much Tobacco and also the same with the Drug.If you do to much of these Tobaccoo and Drug your life with be a short life and not a long life for you.Tobacco and Drug can affect you in many ways.It can affect your throat which you can’t talk that loud.

Love & Relationship: Love & Relationship they can come in many way because their different situation that many people they have.A healthy relationship is a thing that make people happy.Many people they have their own love that they give to other people.It how people trust each other and what they do to make people happy.Love is a really important thing that many people have in their life.Many people they are in love because they make connections and they communicating with each other.

HIV/AIDS/STDs: When people they about to do sex with other people they should get a test out if they have any HIV/AIDS/STD.Because you don’t know if they have any of those thing.It really important if people they use condon when they have sex with a male/women.It really important that people they use these because they don’t want to get affect by other people that are having it.

Beauty:Everyone around the world they have their own perception of their beauty.For some women they maybe sometime be pill if they don’t put on make-up on and for some women they are natural beauty and they don’t need make-up.Beauty can be in different color and sometime of the race of people.

Target Field Field Trip: It the first field trip that we went to the Target Field Trip.We took a walk around their big tour and they also took us to the visitor locker or the place where they rest after the game.It was the first time that I ever been to Target Field.Inside of the building it was really big and the field was really big too.

Canoe Trip/Movie: When we got to the Canoe place we was about to canoe but it rain so the supervisor or the people at north park they decide to take us to go and watch a move at SouthDale since it rain so hard that we can’t canoe.They took us and we went and watch the ZooKeeper and it was a fun movie that I watch.The movie was like 2 hour long.

(July 21-22,2011)

The past few day their was a guess speaker who is May Lee who came and talk to us about doing STDs, safe sex, and a little about college.I learn many thing that I never learn before.She tell us how you could get thing and how you can protect yourself.She teach us by playing a little activities and game about the thing that we need to learn.She brought many theme that we suppose to know for the STDs, and about the safe sex.May Lee also tell us about college and how many year we want to go.You maybe sometime have to go college for two to four year for what major you want to do.She also teach us about the PSEO,it a class where you got to go to the college school.Many student they enjoy taking the class but they sometime don’t get accept.I was enjoy the last two day because May Lee teach the student that they never learn before.

Peer Pressure>>>

Press Pressure is when you doing something that is depressed you so much.It can sometime affect the kind of  people around  you or people around the world.People they might get peer pressure from one of their classmate friend or their family.Most teen they usually get peer pressure then the adult and other people.Peer Pressure is something that you learn from other people and see what they think about.People they sometime have peer pressure because they maybe can’t do this or that thing that they needed to do.Peer pressure can sometime be a good thing and a bad thing too yourself.

1)Drinking make you thinking more of alcohol.

2)Drinking a can of beer is liking drinking a can of  poison.

3)Alcohol can kill you many ways

4)You play hockey as you fight for it.








L: Liver

2 Alcohol Poem












If the world…stop doing alcohol then everyone will stay alive.

Tomorrow is always…never late for you to start.

My father had said once…. that never ever drink alcohol when you are under age.

A good friend…. will tell you not to drink alcohol because it bad for your body.

Pressuring someone…is making someone to drink when they don’t want to drink.

Jumping off a bridge is like…your life is like upside down.

Love will always…make people drink more alcohol because of heartbroken..

Genuine friendships are…. a friend that you really trust that they don’t do alcohol.

The grass is…like more green.

When you feel down…you always drink alcohol to cheer you up.

Picking friends is like…threat them to drink alcohol with you.

Being alone is…you got more fun thing then being inside the house and get drunk by alcohol.

No matter what…you will never drink alcohol when you are over 21+

Live life to the fullest but…. never ever drink alcohol

A philosopher once said…. an alcohol can kill you from it.

The weatherman’s forecast states…said if today is sunny then go out to the park and play but not to drink at all.

Your future is…fun if you don’t drink alcohol.

If I were to chose…. my family or alcohol, I would chose my family.

The media…want to tell the teens that they are not ready to drink yet.

If I had an app it would…tell you to try new thing and not just the same one all of time.

A photo describes…give you many reason about people that who drink alcohol.

A mother’s love is…something that can’t not replace you or the other.

A father’s love is…a godfather that tells you to do the right thing.

The world could be…more dangerous if people drink more alcohol.

Getting struck…. with something you do not need alcohol to help you with it

Using an escape rope is like…finding a way out so you won’t get to drink alcohol.

If I could I would…tell everyone to not drink alcohol because it bad

Dear Mr. President…if you can just only give alcohol to people that are doing family gathering or a party.


-How does the media (Radio,T.V,Ete) influence the use of alcohol?

The media influence because Radio and T.V they always put song,poem, and rhymes to tell people that alcohol maybe sometime good and sometimes bad for their body.You should not drink everyday but only drink sometime.

-How has alcohol effected your age group?

Many under age teenager they mostly do alcohol during age 13-16.It not safe but they alway do alcohol when they going to enter middle school or  high school.It sometime bad for their body if they keep drinking everyone.

-How do you live above the influence?

I would tell myself that I should stay away from the people that  drink alcohol.I don’t like to drink alcohol when I’m still a teenager.If I sit near a alcohol I might smell like them too.Alcohol is a bad thing to your body too.

-Would the perception of alcohol change if they lowered  the legal age?

If they change the perception of alcohol then you would see a lot of teenager that will starting drinking then what you think.Their will be a lot of people that could die from drinking to much of alcohol and do other thing.

Twin Experience>

My experience for the Minnesota Twin it was great.The tour around the building was fun because we get to see a lot of thing.We get to see some old photo about the player.We get to go outside and see the field where the baseball player’s they play their game.It was a big field.People that who sit on the comfortable chair they could get a rainy coat and a blanket if it was rainy. We went and visit the guest room where the player they come and play against with the TWIN.The guest room is much more smaller then the TWIN room. The TWIN room was much more size then the guest room.The TWIN and the guest they get to sit in the comfortable chair. We went to the upper floor which it was outside.After we went to all the tour we have lunch after.We have some sandwich,dessert,pop,water,and other thing.

The question we ask the Vice President when he came and talk to us is how do you get people to come and enjoy your baseball team when they are not one of your fans of baseball?They get people by teaching the young children and teenager to become a baseball player. Ask people if they enjoy being a player when they are an adult. Children that are under age they love to play baseball when they are small so they usually get the little young children and teenager to play so when they are adult they would be a better throwing or a pincher. The only people that come and look at their game is the people that are fans and enjoy their game. Some people they don’t come because the ticket cost to much. Their like 81 Twins games so if people they want to come and watch the TWINS games then they have to pay the amount of the money and also pay the seat where they are sitting. The ticket is so much expensive that some people they don’t even want to go and watch at the TWINS stadium but they could just watch on the T.V. Because there is a lot of channel that they can show the baseball game. But the people that are mostly fan with the MINNESOTA TWINS BASEBALL  they mostly go to the TWIN Field and watch it because they think it might be more fun to watch then on T.V

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