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Coffee tears

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My Last Word

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Man or woman. What defines a person and who they really are? Is it the clothes they wear or is it their sexuality? Is being gay or straight different when both sides of the party search for one thing in common? Who’s to say a man can’t wear a dress without being criticized while walking down the street; who’s to say a woman can’t dress like a man?

Bob is a man in women’s clothing, but he is more of a man than anyone else. It’s not about being built or playing violent sports—it’s about what defines you and makes you happy. This man is a proud woman who could care less who stares at him. He yells, “Check me out!” I was shocked that a man who dressed so weirdly was brave enough to show his true form.

He believed that his self confidence started with himself, not others and what they thought of him.

- Pheng

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My first job was to build a retaining wall, and I thought it was easy. Then later on it became harder than I thought it was. I experienced a lot from this job. I learned that you need patience, a lot of water, and it’s a lot of fun.

This job requires a lot of patience because you don’t simply lay bricks on each other. You have to level the bricks with a ruler that has a bubble inside of it. The bubbles have to be in between two lines, so sometimes it gets really frustrating, but I got used to it.

You need a lot of water for this job because you are going to be working out in the sun. You need to carry lots of heavy stuff like bricks, rocks, and buckets full of dirt. You get thirsty very quickly.

This job was a lot of fun to me because my teammates and I have fun joking around with each other. Sometimes they try to rap, and that’s what makes it funny. I had fun working with my boss. Although this job was hard, I still liked it because my future job will be in construction, building roads or houses.


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This be a new pic of me

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Pheng Vang

This will be a pic of mines


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