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What I learned this summer at work is how to mix with people from a different background from me. I also learned how to still have fun at work. Also I learned how to create postcards. I also learned how to have fun and still get my work done. What  I learned that i would use at school is how to mix with people from different backgrounds. My education plans is to finish high school and go to college. Then go to law school to become a lawyer.

Healthy Relationships are what make love worth while. Healthy relationships is based on trust. In a healthy relationship each partner should feel equal to each other. Also in a healthy relationship you need to communicate with one another. The last thing you need is to understand one another’s need’s. Thats what a healthy relationship is built on.

Body image/obesity was a very cool week for me i learned things i didn’t know. Also i got to put my feet in someone else’s shoes. Alcohol prevention week was one of the weeks i could relate to. Because i know a lot of people who could benefit from it.tobacco week informed me of things that could happen to my mom if she doesn’t stop smoking. It was a wake up call for me. love/relationship week was a wake up call for me as well i just got out of a bad one. I learn relationships are not about control it’s about love and how u should cherish each other. HIV/AIDS/STD week was the week i learned how to put on a condom on the right way.I also learned about the different diseases and witch ones can be cured. Beauty week my group talked about body art. I found out there is a lot of traditional body art and creative body art is the stuff we call tattoos. Are community maps was the first thing we did on the job. It showed us how to get around our community. target field was really fun even though i didn’t get the full experience. I loved sitting down talking to the vice president of marketing.


body art


i learned a lot. at first i thought moms where not supposed to take med’s while pregnant. i also thought baby’s with moms that are hiv positive where going to be to. but it’s a 2% chance if they take the med’s the baby would get it.

it’s very easy to get sucked in to the wrong thing. peer pressure is a it to handle by yourself. if your friends are doing something you know is wrong talk to them. if their real friends they will understand where your coming from. tell them to get help number one rule is never feed into trying it once. being cool is not worth giving your life away to drugs.


1) Drinking doesn’t mean your thinking

2)alcohols for grow ups

3)bloody mary’s are the new Listerine

4) vicki has a passion for fashion

Who: teen girl

What: drinking alcohol

When: after school

Where: outside her friends house

Why: to escape the pain of life

who: young boy

what: was depressed

when: on a rainy day

where: at school

why: because he was drinking alcohol

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