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filming (interview)

filming (interview)

Hello again everyone, this is Pheng Xiong from AMA’s BALL marketing team. Today, we learned about how to set up the lights, and the different a views of light in a shot. We also reviewed the role of a director while asking bystanders to do interviews for us, as well as other roles including the sound, camera, lights, and anchor. We shot ourselves in film as an example of what we will be doing this coming Saturday on the 11th.

Setting up for the InterviewThursday, July 9th 2015

Hi, this is Choua Lo, and I will be blogging about what I did today with my team. First off, starting from this morning we set up the equipments for the video interviews. The video interview was practice for this upcoming Saturday. We basically did that for the whole day while switching departments from audio, camera, director, anchor, lighting, and bystander. We interviewed about Bicultural Healthy Living, and we asked two simple questions for the bystander.

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Using the H6

Using the H6

Hi, this is Choua Lo, and today I learned more about how to use the Canon, and I also took pictures of my group while they were drawing and animating their pictures. Michael and I took pictures of my group from different varies of angles around the space and room we had. We both were taking photos while the others were animating and drawing their photos.


Today Wednesday June, 23 we learned about film making with Mr. Chou. He showed us a very beneficial presentation about film making and I learned things I’ve never known before like how an image is not really moving and how lighting is very critical in film making. We also worked with adobe photo-shop and created some cool flyers. We did flyers on health and obesity awareness. We are using those concepts because we believe obesity is a very big problem in our society today and we wish to have everyone informed about the risks and dangers that come with that one dangerous “donut”  that implements more harm than you think it does.



I am “Rod Kong”

I am 17

I am Man

I eat friend rice with chicken

I am Cambodian

I drink pop

I am Asian

I live in St.Louis Park, MN

I listen for all kinds of music

I love sports

I play soccer

I love food

I was born in Cambodia

I play video games

I am “Leila Ly”

I am 12

I am female

I am sticky rice

I am soda

I am Hmong

I am Minnesota

I am “Janelle Nero”

I am 17 yr.old

I am female

I love fried chicken

I am of a family 3 to groups

I drink orange juice

I am of African decent

I am black

I am milk

I live in Columbia Heights

I am a teacher

I am a thinker

I listen to hip-hop

I am a talker

I am multi-talented

I know multi-languages

I am “Doua Thao”

I am 19 years old

My favorite food-fried noodle and fried egg.

Culture: I like Hmong culture

Drink: I drink everything that people can drink

I am Hmong

I came from Thailand to Minnesota last 3 years age.

I can listen to every kinds of the music.

I am “Ritt Kong”

I am 16

I am man

I am a rice eater

I am from Cambodia

I am a juice drinker

I am Asian

I am living in Minnesota

I am a lover of all music

I am a soccer player

I am a violinist

I am a junior

I am 5’4

I am the beast

I am 120 pounds

I am attending SLPHS (St.Louis Park High School)

I am a tennis player

I am music lover

I am going to college

I am interested in being a doctor

I am interested in being an engineer

I am a terrible singer

I am Vietnamese, Chinese, and Cambodian

I am good in German

I am “Tom Xiong”

I am 15 years old

I am the man

I like to eat Chinese food

I am 130 pounds

I am born in Minnesota

I am a chess player

I like girls

I like food

I live in Little Canada

I am Asian American

I drink pink lemonade

I am single and not dating

I listen to R&B, rock and hip-hop

I am a sophomore

My school is Roseville High School

I like to play vide games

I am “Kalia Yang”

I am 15 years old

I am rice

I am big family

I am water

I am Hmong

I am North Carolina

I am all kinds of music

I am Hmong white

I am talkative

I am Kalia

I am “Shell”

I am 14

I am un chica

I am ice cream

I am hmong dawb

I am H2O

I am hmong

I am Minnesota

I am music

I am Shell

I am “Amalitha Lee”

I am 16

I am female, girl

I am food-anything

I am Christian

I am water

I am Asian Hmong American

I am Minnesota, cottage grove

I am music-Korean, Chinese, Japanese, hip-hop, R & B, anything

I am “Lalee Yang’

I am 14

I am male

I am noodle

I am pop

I am Asian Hmong

I am Minnesota

I am videogame lover or freak

I am “Shellue Yang”

I am 16

I am female

I am Sheelue Yang

I am October 8th, 1990

I am 17 hours of sleep Saturdays, and Sundays

I am hmong yaj

I am an American

I am homework, reading, and writing.

I am “Pazong Vue”

I am 15 year old, hmong.

A hmong girl who likes live in Andover and be grape juice.

She also loves life & live with love

Yeah… I am PaZong.

I am “Mai Xiong”

I am female

I am 15 years old

I am Hmong

I am Thailand

I am ice cream

I am fried rice

I am big family

I am water

I am hip-hop

I am “Sonah Yang”

I am 15 years

I am female/Bi

I am dumplings

I am Hmong

I am root beer keeps me active

I am Asian

I am 715, WI

I am Punk/rock & roll/country

I am Hmong American

I am Sonah Yang

I am “Mai You Yang”

I am 17 years of living in a world full of strangers

I am the sticky rice of my grandparent’s hands

I am small family with big caring heart

I am the taste of fresh water flowing around earth

I am Asian from the Mekong River

I am Minnesota where friends & family are

I am the hip-hop where everyone jump for joy.

I am 17 years of living

I am “Ty Hong”

I’m 17

I’m male

I’m Cambodian

I’m like all food

I like water

I’m Cambodian culture

I’m Ty

I am “Bonnsy Vue”

I am 13 years old. 4 bros, 2 sis. I’m a male. My favorite food is any. I drink any pop. I am kol: I’m from North Mpls. My favorite music is any/random/a lot. I like to meet a lot of chicks. I like to play sports, games. And dancing! I’m a two face and a secretive telling from my signature. I get nervous when I’m around women. I’m not gay.

I am “McKale Lee”

I am 16

I am male

I drink tea

I am part Japanese

I want to live in Japan

I like all kinds of music except jazz, country, and rap

I like movies

I have a small family

I am “Philip Latu”

I am Philip

I am rebellious, I am a male

I am the sweet upon your lips

I am the sticky rice that keeps you together

I am Tongan, and I am a Latu

I am “Julie Vang”

I am 15

I am female

I am energetic

I am water

I am Hmong

I am Minnesota

I am Hmong rap

I am Julie Vang

I am “Dan Vue”

I am 13

I am a male

I am sticky rice

I am coconut juice

I am Hmong

I am North Mpls

I am trance

I am “Chou Khang”

I am 17 year old

Open minded, analytical

Reckless spirited atheist

Pure so water unexpecting like sodium

Not Chinese, Japanese or Korean but generation of Hmong Americans.

Strong rockin from North side mpls, mn, U.S. North America.

I am “Long Khang”

I am 15

I am male

I am egg roll

I am

I am water

I am Hmong


I am all music

I am “Lee Thao”

I am Hmong

I am fourteen

I am a female

I am shopoholic

I am from St.Paul

I am Lee Thao

I am “Macy Her”

I am female

I am chicken noodle soup

I am married

I am orange juice

I am Hmong

I am white bear lake

I am Minnesota

I am any music

I am hmong clothing

I am white hmong

I am Macy Her

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The recent release of the Star Trek: Into Darkness movie has been garnering a fair share of attention, with fans looking forward to the revitalization of the franchise, and actors potentially benefiting from their exposure in major roles. There has been plenty of talk over Benedict Cumberbatch’s casting as Khan and his potential to play villainous characters, but much of the popular press doesn’t seem to touch on the larger implications of Cumberbatch’s casting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Early Jones

A killer frisbee player is on the loose. Who could it be? Part of the 2012 Youth media Camp 12 Hour Film Festival.

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They were all getting drunk last night

when their beer runs out

they don’t feel quite right


it’s the end of a beginning

you don’t seem aware

the whole time you think you’re winning

But you’re wrong

all the while it’s slowly killing you

your head aches

your hands shake

you don’t know what your gonna do


it takes over your brain

and since you gave in

it’s the end of the game

Who:A young neglected girl in her room

what: Alone  and miserable in her body

Where: positoned in her bedroom from the weight

When:On a beautiful sunny day

Why: The strugggle of every step due to the overload of her weight

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