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On last Thursday, AMA had a block party. The block party was really fun. We got a lot of people that participated with us. There were performances, food, many fun games to play. One game that I really like was the acrobatics stations. I liked the acrobatics stations because there was things that I have seen before but had never try it out yet. So that was pretty interesting. I also liked the other games too, like my station, the wheel of zodiac.


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Today we went to the farmers market and had lots of fun. Some people bought some fruit and shared with everyone that was nice and we took some pictures. I thought the food was kind of expensive but I think it was worth it since it’s all freshly grown. So day was a nice day and also pretty fun.


filming (interview)

filming (interview)

Hello again everyone, this is Pheng Xiong from AMA’s BALL marketing team. Today, we learned about how to set up the lights, and the different a views of light in a shot. We also reviewed the role of a director while asking bystanders to do interviews for us, as well as other roles including the sound, camera, lights, and anchor. We shot ourselves in film as an example of what we will be doing this coming Saturday on the 11th.

2012 Youth Media Camp

Media Camp 2011 Group Shot

Media Camp 2011 Group Shot

Trees are changing their colors, the air is nippier and drier, students shed their summer clothes for the heavier jackets, the political election signs dot the lawns. All these can point to only one thing – the Asian Media Access annual Youth Media Camp.

This is the 18th year since the first Media Camp in 1994, and the landscape of the video equipments have changed – from heavy, expensive, analog tape cameras to now hand-held, digital memory card based palmcorders; from multi-thousand dollar editing suits to now a complete video editing suit running on a single laptop. But the art of story telling, and one of the hardest aspect of producing a video, hasn’t changed. And at the media camp, that’s what we hope you will take away at the end of the camp.

So register now. The camp is free of charge, but space is limited. This camp is open to all, but we do have an Asian American focus for high school youth ages 13 – 18.

Go to Media Camp Information Page & for Registration >>

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A guest speaker from the Picturing Peace came to us today; her name is Alyssa(I recall) and she’s a representative from their and is here to tell us what is Picturing Peace is all about.
Picturing Peace is a community photography project to prevent and raise awareness of our community about violence, peace and safety and support the young youth. Alyssa came and told us about the project and I think  its a great idea to get the community involving and giving more knowledge of our environment. I might plan to enter the contest to but I don’t know since I don’t have my camera upload with me.

Link to the website:

An estimated 417 Asians and Pacific Islanders were given a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, representing 1.1% of the 37,331 cases diagnosed in 2005.
CDC estimates that 56,300 new HIV infections occurred in the United States in 2006.
34 million people live with HIV/AIDS worldwide.
CDC estimates that 583,298 have died from the disease in the U.S. since 1981.
Over 90% of people with HIV were infected through sexual contact.
Only 1% of babies born to HIV positive mothers have HIV.


Today we have Michelle to help us practice and be prepare for the Mock Trial, beginning next week.
Our first activity we split into groups of 5; reading previous case that is related to civic cases.
There was interesting cases between each group with two sides of winning where there is unconstitutional and constitutional.
The case I worked on was Tinker vs Des Moines: involving two kids Mary Beth Tink and her brother John opposing the Vietnam war by wearing black bands.
The next activity we did with Michelle was us being a position of prosecutors/defendant, attorney. jurors and judges.
Everybody played a different kind of role but with the same case. The case was about a boy who made a fictitious account in FriendsCorner basing off as the principle Martinez. Who was offended buy the profile and comment by it after finding out the blog. As a punishment he suspended the student for 10 days and many others believed it was too harsh therefore the the boy’s parent was suing the school for the suspension. But what I think kind of ironic is that the problem didn’t became big at first but later after the suspension.

this week we learned about hate crime from Michelle and our volunteer visitor Lily from the Pacer Center in Minnesota.
link to the website full of helpful information to prevent bullying and signs of bullying.

  1. HIV can only be transmitted through these four body fluids:
    vagina, semen, breast milk and blood fusion(exchange)
  2. In the Twin Cities, people are allowed to have a proper clean needle when injecting drugs that can reduce their risk
    of HIV transmission
    by using a needle exchange program.
  3. Once a person is exposed to a possible HIV risk, it takes about 3 months for the person to receive a definite HIV test result.
  4. After 3 months possible exposure , the HIV tests can detect your status within 20 minutes.
  5. STDs stands for  Sexual Transmitted Disease
    STIs stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections
  6. STD and STI are both  similar but not the same because of the process they both go  are different depending on the situation.
  7. Genital Warts is a STD that is caused by skin to skin contact
  8. Herpes is a STD causing the mouth(oral) and the genitals giving them bad skin condition they could be mistaken for an insect bite
  9. 1 in 4 men with Chlamydia don’t have symptoms but is the symptoms are similar to gonorrhea
    but as for women, 30% have Chlamydia do have symptoms such as
    burning sensation during urination and virginal discharge that may look normal but its not
  10. Both STDs and STIs can be  caused by three facts:
    Virus, Bacteria and Parasite

    Resources from:
    Test Your HIV Knowledge Survey

This week our topic and theme was about bullying whether its physical, verbal or cyber. With the help of Michelle and Kue, helping us gain more info about bullying and creatively helping to understand it better. Such as Michelle making us do some research and find 10 facts; out of 10, 3 facts will be chosen to be used a postcard such as this

and as for Kue we did a activity relating to bullying with the sunglasses we made, representing a color of the scenario of a person personality.
Over all I think this week I learned a lot about bullying and focus on bullying more than before. An an addition Michelle had us meet with volunteer from Pacer Center to talk about bullying and how their program helps out.

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