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Saturday, July 11th 2015 *Late Post*

Hello, this is Choua, and I will be mentioning about what I did on Saturday at AMA. So basically, as I got there I was automatically assigned to draw or graffiti out BALL. I did a blue print first, and it took hours to get one according to what the boss wanted. After many wasted papers and ideas, all that was wanted was just spaced out words. I felt like all the effort I used was just a waste of time. After finishing that, Jason and I went outside to Penn and Plymouth to interview people with our group. Than we came back and signed out.


Setting up for the InterviewThursday, July 9th 2015

Hi, this is Choua Lo, and I will be blogging about what I did today with my team. First off, starting from this morning we set up the equipments for the video interviews. The video interview was practice for this upcoming Saturday. We basically did that for the whole day while switching departments from audio, camera, director, anchor, lighting, and bystander. We interviewed about Bicultural Healthy Living, and we asked two simple questions for the bystander.

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Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Hi. this is Choua Lo blogging about what we did today. Today we learned how to assemble the audio set and disassemble it. At first the H6 seem really complicated to use until we got the basics down. Then we learned how to set up the lightings and angle it out. Basically all about Media Production. It was quite a boring day, but the good thing is that I learned a lot from Chou Xiong.


Using the H6

Using the H6

Hi, this is Choua Lo, and today I learned more about how to use the Canon, and I also took pictures of my group while they were drawing and animating their pictures. Michael and I took pictures of my group from different varies of angles around the space and room we had. We both were taking photos while the others were animating and drawing their photos.


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Genres: SciFi + Romance

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Early Jones

A killer frisbee player is on the loose. Who could it be? Part of the 2012 Youth media Camp 12 Hour Film Festival.

Genres: Mystery + Sports

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That’s right, Asia Media Access is hosting its first Short Movie Creation Contest right here and right now.

Here are the rules: You, yes you, will write, direct, film, and submit a ten to three-hundred second movie. For this competition there are only two rules: the entry cannot be rated more then PG and all movies must take place in one room. We will announce the winners sometime in February.

Use your imagination! We will post the five most best entries on this website and allow our readers to vote on which film they like the best. Impress us and you will win fame, recognition, prizes, and our heartfelt congratulations!

Of course no competition would be complete without prizes, and we have several prizes lined up for our top three films will each win a shiny new prize!

  • Our first prize winner will win a shiny new 1 GB Flash Drive.
  • Our second prize winner will receive a stack of rewritable DVDs.
  • Our third prize winner will receive a small stack of movies including the critically acclaimed Coraline and Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Knights.

Once your movie is polished and ready to go upload it to a video hosting website, or bring it in to the AMA offices at 2148 Plymouth Avenue North Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411. The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2011. If you choose to upload your video to a video hosting site please e-mail the link to

So get that brainstorming started and be prepared to wow us!



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