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Genres: SciFi + Romance

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Early Jones

A killer frisbee player is on the loose. Who could it be? Part of the 2012 Youth media Camp 12 Hour Film Festival.

Genres: Mystery + Sports

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Obesity can happen to anyone and it’s something that everyone can overcome if they try hard enough. My brother has some similar problems, it’s not obesity, but he’s heavier than most kids his age. He’s comfortable the way he is, but he still hopes and exercises very much. I think that if I were obese, it’ll be very depressing, but I think I will be able to be comfortable the way I am. Even the way I am right now, I still have fantasies of getting a better body and looking better. And i think that the media plays a big part in this. The media is something that no one can avoid. People depend on the media to provide information and up-to-date news. So when things like fashion wear and such comes on, there’s ALWAYS those skinny and good looking models. And that unconsciously puts the thought that we want to be the same in to our heads.

Body Image is something that is usually caused by surroundings and I think that it happens mostly to teens. If you’re always being told that your body image looks bad or you’re being bullied and such because of body image, you really start to have low self-esteem. I think that from all the put-downs, they feel unaccepted, unwanted and etc. And my thinking is that in order to get accepted and stop the bullying, a person will go through great lengths.

To be honest, my mind was blank as we were going through the advertisements. As I was growing up, I never really ate sweets very much and I just get a little sick thinking about so much sugar. But it was still really tempting to just go along and do as they say because it’s a lot easier. And that’s what I think a lot of people do. They follow along because it’s easier than thinking outside the box and really looking at things carefully. And that’s a mistake that gets taken advantage of. In many ads, the real facts and health stuff that SHOULD be paid attention to are said fast and softly. And many people just don’t listen to what’s really there.

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That’s right, Asia Media Access is hosting its first Short Movie Creation Contest right here and right now.

Here are the rules: You, yes you, will write, direct, film, and submit a ten to three-hundred second movie. For this competition there are only two rules: the entry cannot be rated more then PG and all movies must take place in one room. We will announce the winners sometime in February.

Use your imagination! We will post the five most best entries on this website and allow our readers to vote on which film they like the best. Impress us and you will win fame, recognition, prizes, and our heartfelt congratulations!

Of course no competition would be complete without prizes, and we have several prizes lined up for our top three films will each win a shiny new prize!

  • Our first prize winner will win a shiny new 1 GB Flash Drive.
  • Our second prize winner will receive a stack of rewritable DVDs.
  • Our third prize winner will receive a small stack of movies including the critically acclaimed Coraline and Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Knights.

Once your movie is polished and ready to go upload it to a video hosting website, or bring it in to the AMA offices at 2148 Plymouth Avenue North Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411. The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2011. If you choose to upload your video to a video hosting site please e-mail the link to

So get that brainstorming started and be prepared to wow us!


The devastating effects of HIV/AIDS

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An animation about Marijuana addiction.

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An animation PSA on tobacco addiction.

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