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A guest speaker from the Picturing Peace came to us today; her name is Alyssa(I recall) and she’s a representative from their and is here to tell us what is Picturing Peace is all about.
Picturing Peace is a community photography project to prevent and raise awareness of our community about violence, peace and safety and support the young youth. Alyssa came and told us about the project and I think  its a great idea to get the community involving and giving more knowledge of our environment. I might plan to enter the contest to but I don’t know since I don’t have my camera upload with me.

Link to the website:

B- bullying is not

U- unique but

L- low and

L- lame

Y- yet your proud of it

This my postcard I made with different kinds of abstract in it. Hope you all do enjoy the work!

1. The mock trial has proven to be an effective learning tool for elementary and secondary school students.

2. Helps students develop useful knowledge about the law.

3. Good mock trials will also leave student participants with an appreciation of the difficulties that judges, lawyers and juries face.

4. Mock trial begins with a conflict or a dispute that the parties have been unable to resolve on their own.

5. Student attorneys should develop questions to ask their own witnesses and rehearse their direct examination with witnesses.

6. Most mock trials use some general rules of evidence and procedure.

7. Mock trials based on simplified rules of evidence and procedure to dramatic reenactments of historical trials in which scripts are heavily relied upon.

8. Mock Trials are all most all of the time filled with drama and substantive dimensions.

9.In a mock trial four students are needed as witnesses and twelve students can serve as the jury.

10.Student attorneys should use this time to outline the opening statements they will make.

Michelle was absent today, so we had Kue to come up and take her place. The today’s lesson we learned was about food desert, food desert means those people who can’t have access food. Therefore its hard to get food, especially those who are poor or lives in suburbs. Kue had us to read an article to have a better understanding and the situation about the evolution of food. The evolution of food is not what it means but is that the food has become quite scarce to obtain. Not too scarce but just that not everyone is able to get food. After wards Kue had us walk around the neighborhood and go to the stores to see the products they have is healthy food or not. The group was split into two with both supervisors Pangnhia and kue, walking on Lowry street. Every time we finish looking through a store we go out and evaluate the store produce and move onward. I think today was really hot and sort of sticky but over all it was fun going around to the neighborhood and exploring.
Also a way  to prevent us from getting bad food is sign a petition to show it to the government and do some donation to those who can’t access to food.

On the day of the mock trial, I came late but luckily didn’t missed much actions, just the opening ceremony and the first witness. For the first in my life I finally get to go to court as a juror for someones trial. The case was about a bank robbery and I found it entertaining to watch how the attorneys do their things to try to win their case along with the other one. There was some errors among them but luckily its only a  mock trial, so nothing serious. After both sides are done with their witnesses, they both give out a last final conclusion to us jurors. Once they were done, it was our turn to make the final decision. Since this case was a crime case we get to decide whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty or hung jury. There were to many jurors, in the end there was a separate verdict. But both sides made the dame decision, which is “not guilty” due to the fact there was not enough evidence to prove the defendant was involve with the bank robbery. At the end of the day, we had pizza from Papa Johns, which was really good and wrote a thank you card to the people who participated and took a photo together. I think  that was the best day I ever had, since I never experienced before I think it was still awesome.

1) There are three ways jurors can decide
whether the defendant is innocent or not: guilty, not guilty, hung jury

2) There is a choice for the judge to be the one to judge. Chosen by the defendant’s choice
whether he/she is guilty or not, than have jurors to decide upon

3) In court, you are not allowed to take picture nor record but have the access to draw the scene or write

4) When comes to court, there are two kind of cases: civil cases or crime cases

5) when the jurors make a verdict in a civil case weather the defendant
win or not there is a amount to pay for the damages, along with the ending conclusions

An estimated 417 Asians and Pacific Islanders were given a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, representing 1.1% of the 37,331 cases diagnosed in 2005.
CDC estimates that 56,300 new HIV infections occurred in the United States in 2006.
34 million people live with HIV/AIDS worldwide.
CDC estimates that 583,298 have died from the disease in the U.S. since 1981.
Over 90% of people with HIV were infected through sexual contact.
Only 1% of babies born to HIV positive mothers have HIV.


Today we have Michelle to help us practice and be prepare for the Mock Trial, beginning next week.
Our first activity we split into groups of 5; reading previous case that is related to civic cases.
There was interesting cases between each group with two sides of winning where there is unconstitutional and constitutional.
The case I worked on was Tinker vs Des Moines: involving two kids Mary Beth Tink and her brother John opposing the Vietnam war by wearing black bands.
The next activity we did with Michelle was us being a position of prosecutors/defendant, attorney. jurors and judges.
Everybody played a different kind of role but with the same case. The case was about a boy who made a fictitious account in FriendsCorner basing off as the principle Martinez. Who was offended buy the profile and comment by it after finding out the blog. As a punishment he suspended the student for 10 days and many others believed it was too harsh therefore the the boy’s parent was suing the school for the suspension. But what I think kind of ironic is that the problem didn’t became big at first but later after the suspension.

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