Photography and Digital Art

Photographs and digitally edited art.

Editing a red picture promoting healthy living

Editing a red picture promoting healthy living

Hello again everyone! I am Pheng Xiong. I learned a lot about BALL. It is about different cultures and how they can make a healthy living, and not just focusing on one culture. Turns out, cultures can be healthy in different ways, and we want to find a way to promote is in many or every ways.

Using the H6

Using the H6

Hi, this is Choua Lo, and today I learned more about how to use the Canon, and I also took pictures of my group while they were drawing and animating their pictures. Michael and I took pictures of my group from different varies of angles around the space and room we had. We both were taking photos while the others were animating and drawing their photos.


Today, we took some photos to make some more postcard for our obesity awareness project. We also took pictures of us holding on a sign for Bi-cultural Healthy living. Also, with all the picture taking, we work on videos for Bicultural Healthy Living. The filming was nerve wreaking but I had a lot of fun. I learn a lot of things about filming while they were video taping me and other interns. I had a lot of fun today.

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Teen_Pregnancy_thoughtsBy Patricia Thao

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Substance Abuse 1Substance Abuse 2Substance Abuse 3Teen Pregnancy 1Substance Abuse 4.5

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