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Today we went on a field trip to a garden on Plymouth and James ave N. We had a very good time helping tend to the garden and pick up the weeds with them. we brought along some extra younger kids to help and it seem like they had a good time. It was hot and humid outside but we all got together and pulled through it, and the weeds together.

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Today we were visited by  Andy and Michelle. They are here every Wednesday.  Andy and Michelle usually teach us about things that effect the youth community each week. Whether it’s tobacco use or teen pregnancy. Today we worked together as a group. We did some activities that was challenging to some and not so challenging to others. First we did this drawing game. One person had to draw what was on the projector without looking and the other person had to describe what was the picture to them. That was a difficult game too me because some things just cannot be described. I had a difficult time describing an object to my partner. It was a picture of a star but it wasn’t really a star. Luckily my teammate understood what I was trying to say and drew the object correctly.

Later on in the day we shot some new scenes for our video.  We had to fix the mistakes we made from our last video. These mistakes included  the one where Mulan (Angelina), had an appointment with her doctor. We shot from one angle on one seen and from a different angle on another. I think that I did a pretty good job of being the camera man. I could have done some  things different like panning for example. Jack helped me out a lot which was nice of him. He gave me some tips on how to adjust the camera. He also showed me what the different handles and screws did.


Today was cool we saw Andy and Michelle again because they taught us more about tobacco. We first brainstormed on what activisim project we wanted to do. All the co-workers had to decide on what activisim project were going to do. We are going to be going to downtown Minneapolis marching about how much the tobacco industry advertise in convient stores more than other products they have in the store. After that we played three games, one was picking up paper bags with our mouths off the floor and put them on the table and the other two were picking up paper and m&ms up with straws we played the games because they were fun. Then after lunch we worked on our psa video which is about lung cancer. Over all today was cool.


Today we had we had Bruce and Sylvia come in and tell us more about Sumopaint, then we got to make postcards about something that made us feel relaxed I chose Hawaii I chose Hawaii because when I’m relaxed I picture myself on a beach. Then after lunch we went to North High for classes which were Math and english.


Today it was obesity day we got to work with 3rd and 4th graders. The games we got to play were frisbee toss, and water balloon toss, and ships across the ocean I think we played the games because they were fun and energentic also interesting. I like my little buddies which their names James, Eric, And my bff Maou. It was fun but tiring. After that we finished our movies in our movie I played as a paitent in the doctor see and edited them just in time.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Today, Andy and Michelle came again to help with our anti smoking project. We were brainstorming about where we could present our project, how we were going to do it, and it they are more things we should add on. It was difficult, because everybody had different ideas, and we had to compromise in a civil manner. After that, we played a few games in different groups. M&Ms were also part of the games, so it was kind of a reward. In the afternoon, my group decided to shorten our video, and we changed things up like removing characters, removing the party scene, and take out the title cards. Right now, I am going to fix my postcard…. again, and I will be helping editing the video. I hope anyways.

By: Samira <3

Today was a good day. I’m kind of getting sick but today was fun. Andy and Michelle came back and we talked about an event that we were going to have. After Lunch we had to film a new video. I couldn’t help but laugh. I wasn’t that great of a actress. But I did my best.

Today we had a really fun day we went outside and we played a whole bunch of games with little kids like water ballon toss,ships arcoss the ocean,ultimate frezzbie and just had fun outside after that we started a psa video

Today in work Bruce and Slyvia taught is more on graphic design and then we made a postcard on what makes us happy. And then we went to class and did english and sciennce

Today was fun we saw andy and michelle again we at first brainstormed on what activisim project were going to do. So all co-workers had to decide on what project were going to do and we came up with one and were going to be downtown minneapolis marching about how the tobacco industry advertise in convient stores. And then after that we played games were we have to have good teamwork.one of them was we had to pick up the bags by or lips as fast as we can to put them on the table and then we played another game were you had to grab a straw and suck the paper and pass the table. Then after that we did the same thing but it was with M&ms. And then after that we worked on our video psa.

Monday 8th

On Monday it was obesity day. We got to work with 3rd and 4th graders. I think it was really fun and tiring to work with them. We played frisbee toss, and water balloon toss, and ships across the ocean. After they left, my co-workers and I played our own game of ultimate frisbee. Later on that day we filmed our movie and had just enough time to finish editing it.

Tuesday 9th

On Tuesday we had Bruce and Sylvia come in and tell us more about Sumopaint. We got to make our own post cards about something that makes us feel relaxed. After they left, we also left to North for Tuesday classes. The first class was a science class, and the second one was a music class.

Wednesday 10th

On Wednesday we had Andy and Michelle come in. We played little games like a paper bag game. A m&m game, and a team work game. I think that every time they come they always have something fun for us to do. In the afternoon we made a new film. I’m hoping that this film was better then the last one.


On that day we celebrate obesity day with the third and fourth grade kids. The interns like us has to have two kids as a group to play the frisbee, water ballon, and cross over the ocean. It was outside, that everyone was cooking up by the sun gazing at them. When obesity was over, I have to finish up my post card on the computer, but I can’t post up on the website because the site won’t let me log in.


In this day everyone learn more how to use “Sumopaint” from Sylvia and Bruce. They teach us how to made it easy for us to edit the picture better. In the computer lab everyone has to create something is relax for them on Sumopaint. We doesn’t has time to show our master piece because of class. The I have today was math and life.


Today two people came to teach us about tobacco from the game they teach us. We only play four games today and it was hard for everyone to play the games. After finish up lunch everyone have to re-edit their video and comment people blogs.

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