Creative Writing

Creative works that consist of mostly writing such as poems and short stories.

Hi everyone. I am Kong Pang Vang, a Step_Up intern at Asian Media Access. This week, my group topic is substance abuse. I am at Hmong International Academy to do my research with my group. Every time when we receive our new topic, we usually gather at an area to discuss and brainstorm about what we going to talk for each section. We normally split the topic into six section. This took us less than thirty minute to made our finally decision about our overall section. While in our discussion, Stephen came in and talk about adding ghost stories. Everyone seem excited and anticipating about adding ghost stories into our two hour radio talk. Everyone got a little bit off task but was able to come back to do their research on the given topic. I have faith that my group will perform well this upcoming Thursday at the Radio Station. Good luck to myself and thank you.

Hi everyone, hoping you guys are doing great out there. My day went well today. I can feel that I really improve from the first week from all those experiences at the Radio Station. We interview Victoria about music in the community and some of her experiences. Victoria give out a lot of great experiences she went through. I had fun talking and learning from Victoria. I hope her a great successful future. My group perform fantastic today. Surprisingly, Stephen told us to do an one hour Hmong radio. I volunteer to do it. I feel relief and great after finishing with that Hmong radio talking. Today was entertaining to be able to talk in my own language in the radio. I had great experiences with my communication skills through Asian Media Access. Thank you.

This is my third day at the radio station! Today was the strongest day or the most powerful we’ve ever been from the days we’ve been in the radio station! We had a strong conversation on music when we spoke on air and it was fantastic! I feel like today was a great day because there wasn’t much we had to do after the radio show other than work on our PSA. We had a nice walk outside because it wasn’t very sunny until we were near the end of the walk, so I didn’t sweat at all. I feel like today was one of the most fun days at the radio station, and that I look forward to working with my coworkers until the end of the internship!

This is my third day at HIA, and I’m starting to get used to it now. I’m starting to get used to the researching and discussions with my group members, and it’s all going very well. Single parenting is the topic this week for Group A, and it’s a really hard topic because none of us can relate to single parenting because we’ve never experienced it. Researching was really tiring, but the day was very chill. I did research on how single parenting affected children, but it was difficult because research isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world, especially when you are researching about a topic you never thought of or aren’t familiar with. Other than that, it wasn’t a bad day because nothing frustrating happened!

Hi, hoping everyone is having a great day. Today is June 30th and my group got a new topic this week about music in the community. Base on what I know, we are going to interview Victoria for the first hour. The second hour can be any topic we want to talk about. My group decided to talk about music related things for that second hour. I did some basic research on anything I am curious about and brainstorm about what I am going to say. I made at least sixteen questions for the interviewing with Victoria. I am exciting to see how this week is going to flow. Thank you.

Hi, I am Kong Pang Vang an intern at Asian Media Access. Today is June 26 and I am at the Radio Station having a conversation with Project Sweetie Pie’s intern and Michael, the founder. Including, David from CDC and Maya from Asian Media Access. I was the host for today and I feel confident. I was less anxious than last week. I can see myself improving. Today I have a lots of fun to be able to have the opportunities to talk with professional and interns with Step_Up Program. Thank you!

Today Wednesday June, 23 we learned about film making with Mr. Chou. He showed us a very beneficial presentation about film making and I learned things I’ve never known before like how an image is not really moving and how lighting is very critical in film making. We also worked with adobe photo-shop and created some cool flyers. We did flyers on health and obesity awareness. We are using those concepts because we believe obesity is a very big problem in our society today and we wish to have everyone informed about the risks and dangers that come with that one dangerous “donut”  that implements more harm than you think it does.



Hi again, I am Kong Pang Vang an intern at Asian Media Access. This is my second week at AMA. Today we were given a new topic to talk on air for this coming Thursday. Healthy living is my group topic for this week. I was chose to be the host for this Thursday on air. I feel kind of nervous and confident. My experiences with talked on air last Thursday have help me feel less anxious. My group and I done a variety research about our topic and I learn many new healthy living related information. The things I learn while searching is foods that is healthy for you and the benefits of its affect on our health. I learn different theories of cultural ways of meditation. Cultural herbs and medicines. Thank you!

Hi, I am Kong Pang Vang a Step_up intern at Asian Media Access. Today my group went to the radio station and done Youth In Charge On The Air lived. I was very anxious that everything might not go well. However, things went better than I expected. Thanks for my co-worker cooperation and encouragement from my supervisor has help me stay calm. Thanks Victoria for taking us for a walk outside has calm my body and mind. I feel relax thanks to everyone. Talking lived was not so bad for me. Today have went well and I actually had fun. The only challenging part was to say what is next. Thank you.

I am Kong Pang Vang an intern at Asian Media Access. The first day surprises me because this is the first time I was able to learn all my co-workers name. I am assign to group B and we are preparing for the Youth In Charge On The Air assignment. The topic we had is accepting Diversity. While searching, I learn that there is inherit and acquired diversity. Inherit diversity is the traits you are born with such as gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Acquired diversity is traits you gain from experiences. Today there was a presenter name Maya. She talks about the definition of cultural, resilience and Bi-Culturalism. We are focusing on more of our point of view about certain question that she given us. Today was fun and I learn more about what Asian Media Access is.

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