by Tanya Zhu

The lotus is an amazingly delicious plant. Aside from the medicinal uses of the lotus plant, the entire plant is edible. After the flower blooms, the golden seed pod turns a vibrant green, which grows larger as the seeds fatten. Eating fresh lotus seeds from a newly picked pod is heaven on earth. The seed germ has not yet developed its signature bitter taste, so you can pop the whole thing in your mouth. The stem of the lotus can be sauteed, as can the lotus root. The root and seeds are the most commonly used parts, but the lotus leaf is great for eating (with scrambled eggs) or wrapping (zong zi!) or as a tea, while the flower can also be lightly battered and fried (not unlike elephant ears). Yum.




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Saturday we went out stenciling, overall I had fun and the more houses we did the faster and better we got at it; and we stopped for ice cream after and that was cool.

I think that the games that we play are fun and during our free time we should play more stuff then just sitting around quiet even though we’re all done.


Carvez here.

Today I was given a serious, wildly ignored problem in our community. Drug usage.

I searched up devastating statistics relating to teenagers and drugs. It’s an estimate of 70% of teenagers that use drugs in their lifetimes.

Sometimes drug usage within teenagers is just curiosity. Sometimes it’s peer pressure from friends who do drugs and even maybe family.

Any form of drug usage is very negatively impacting on the body.

Don’t become an addict.


Today was the last day of door knocking it was hot and okay. I really didnt like doorknocking at all and never doing it again .

Overall it was boring but there were some fun parts about it. The reactions from different kind of people were good and bad. I wouldnt like to do it again because it gets tiring

On Saturday June 25 we did some stenciling. It was very fun and i thought it was a great group activity. The only bad thing about that day was the heat. The heat was a little unbearable. The design seemed to satisfy the home owners and they were really happy and curious to see it being made. All in all it was a very fun day. The Block Party was very fun! seeing the dancers dance their traditional dances was a thrill. It was beautiful and i believe the block party was a success

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On Saturday, we went stenciling on the sidewalk. This experience was pretty nice, but It was super hot outside. Stenciling on the sidewalk was really fun. After stenciling we came back to AMA and had some ice cream before we left work. I really enjoying doing stenciling. I hope next week won’t be so hot like last week.


It was fun spray painting because I had never done it before. It was fun experience to have done. But one thing I didn’t like was that it was hot all day. We had done 25 house on Saturday. That was what I thought of spray painting on Saturday. And on Thursday we did a flow event. The thing that I like about it was the dancing and the wheel of zodiac where if you win and you get a stiff animal.

-Paying Yang

Saturday July 24th we went stenciling and it was fun. Our first house the owners came out to watch us do it and they liked it a lot and at one of the houses the owner brought us cold bottles of water because it was really hot that day. Our last house the owner was an artist so we let him finish the symbol off. The only bad thing about that day was it was really really hot. We also had had a lot of fun. So that day was a fun day.


i don’t really have expectations for today. i just hope we get a lot of ”yes’instead of ”no”.

- demetrionna


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