Smoking is a very bad habit to teens and adults. Young people who smokes is at least at the age of 15 yrs. old & up. Why young people do smoke is because of stress from problems round them, peered pressured from peers, education, and in different perspective some people thinks it’s “cool.” Most young people who find it hard to quit smoking is because of so much nicotine that they get from regular use of smoking causing addictions. In some use and people who I know that smokes has affected me in ways I don’t want to see myself in the next couple of years. I don’t want close family relatives to pass away from addictions that I could stop them from. So every time when I attend to family gatherings, I’ll target the people who smokes and put some good sense into them. I’m not even kidding. I even convinced my boyfriend to stop smoking and it’s been a year since he had one. It’s bad to all people who smoke and people who are around them. It could give you (second-hand smoke) lung cancer even if you never smoked a cigarette in your life. So that’s why I choose to be tobacco free.

Smoking ad’s



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Summer is quickly approaching and a lot of people want to be outside in the sun. It is a great change after such a long and harsh winter. But like winter, there are some things that you should have for summer. So here’s a list of the top five summer necessities:


1.  Sunscreen is a must. Where ever you go, apply products with sunscreen (even better if waterproof on the face) to your face and body. Minnesota’s summer can be very hot and sunny so it’s best for you to not let your skin get fried (like bacon) in the sun. Getting tan and getting burn is two different thing. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or less because it doesn’t last forever regardless it being advertised as “sweat-proof”!

2. Wear protecting accessories and clothes such as sunglasses, hats, and cover ups, etc. You don’t want to develop any skin cancer so make sure to cover up if you are going to be outside.

3. Have aloe products (lotion, gel, etc.) and rub them on your skin after a long day in the sun. Aloe is moisturizing and have the vitamins that nurtures, heals, and soothe your skin.


4. Get your mosquito/ticks/bug spray! The return of spring and summer marks the return of bugs and insects. Be prepared for vicious bites and scratchy skin, especially if you’re going camping in the woods.


5. A time for changing your sneakers to sandals. There are variety of sandals out there that fits everyone. So let your feet breath in the summer.

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Tornado is a common natural disaster that occasionally occurs in Minnesota. That is reason why most houses have a basement or there are nearby underground shelters. Sometimes people are not prepared/aware of tornadoes. So here are some tips of what you can do in the presence of a tornado.


  • Always be on the look out for tornado warnings. They are usually loud and the sound can last very short or long depending on how serious the signs are. Tornado sirens usually have one or more sirens to signal across many directions.
  • Avoid being/hiding near glass in terms of windows, furniture, objects, etc. If the tornado is nearby and have a strong force, it could possibly break the glass near your area and could heavily hurt/damage people/things.


  • Find shelter as soon as possible. Hide in the lowest part of your home or an underground shelter so that you can avoid getting hurt by any flying object and avoid getting caught up in the tornado.
  • Avoid driving or being in a vehicle. It’s best not to drive off in vehicle because tornadoes are sometimes unpredictable as they may turn in multiple/different directions. Try to find a ditch or a low ground area where you lay flat and cover your head with your hands.
  • Do not take elevators. It is better to take stairs so that you can ensure your safety.
  • Have a emergency kit with you. Be prepared if you or somebody got hurt.
  • Hold onto your communication devices. Things like your cellphones/walkie-talkie, etc., will help you get in touch with other people after the tornado.

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Happiness is the key.

A true friend is the answer

Think twice before act.

My advice is follow your heart.

You’ve got to live before you die.

If you wish with all your heart.

Healthy is suppose to be your motive.

Every Cloud engenders not a storm.

Everything in life is easy if you try your hardest.

Grandma thinks she knows best.

If things seem crazy now wait until you meet my mother.

The way to get rid of a problem is to solve it.

I just don’t understand why wait.

If you are tired of working stick it out.

When you get old…

If you feel like everything is going wrong, you should…

If you feel like giving up you should…

When you get a boyfriend you shoud..

If you miss someone a lot, you can always,

If you see a tornado coming…

If you want to be a winnder, you need to…

If you want good advice you should…

The great thing about getting old is..

Life is like…

Life’s up and downs are…

The best advice in life is…

HEALTH is not like..

No matter where you go…

Ok, get this straight…

The way to solve a problem is…

The one rule in life is….

The secret of success is..

Always remember…

When opportunity knocks…

When you miss somebody you should…

You know someone is your friend when…

You can always win if you just…

If you need to fix something, you should…

All you need in life is….

If things get you down you should…

The best way to stay out of trouble….

No matter what don’t forget…

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Summer is quickly approaching and along with the great weather, it’s time for people to enjoy outdoor activities. Haven’t thought about what you want to do yet? Well, here are some activities for you that will keep you busy and having fun:


  1. Go swimming! Minnesota is known to have more than 10,000 lakes around the state. A lot of those lakes are available for people and children to swim.
  2. Go to the flea markets/farmer’s market! Here, you will find great quality of produces provided by local farmers and awesome items that aren’t available anywhere else. Spend your time sight-seeing, grubbing on yummy foods, and being part of the community.
  3. Make your own backyard garden! You can grow your own produces and have fun experimenting how to grow them. Of course it doesn’t have to be fruits and vegetables, but flowers/tress/bushes, etc, also.
  4. Go fishing! With so many lakes, they are bound to have thriving fishes. There are variety of fishes that allows children to adults to fish for easier and harder catch.
  5. Go shopping at the downtown Minneapolis Nicollet Mall. Enjoy looking at beautiful designed buildings with the continuous of in-store malls.
  6. Go biking! If you own a bike or can borrow one, it is a great alternative to explore nature if you don’t want to walk. It’s easier and faster so you can go to many places in one day.
  7. Play a sport! Either play it with friends/family or a local team in your area. Minnesota has many great open lands where people can enjoy playing sports such as football, golf, volleyball, frisbee, badminton, and more.
  8. Go camping! There are many camp resorts in Minnesota that people can go to. If you choose not to, you can always camp right outside of your backyard with your friends/family/relatives.
  9. If you’re not into camping, you can always go rent a cabin! It’s basically the same experience minus the coldness you feel sleeping outside.
  10. Ride a ferry! Ride the ferry down the Mississippi River and enjoy the scenery. It’s something fun and interactive as there are many people who join as well.
  11. Go up north and enjoy the view of Lake Superior! Lake Superior is like Minnesota’s ‘ocean’ for its long distance of continuous water that goes beyond normal lakes. There is not any ocean in Minnesota, but Lake Superior is the closet huge body of water that could seem like one.
  12. Go walking! There are a lot of walking trails in Minnesota and they’re usually surrounded by lakes and parks.
  13. Attend the Minnesota State Fair! It has great entertainments and best of all, 450 kinds of food to try! Many things are deep fried, some are unusual finds, others are eh, and there are many great delicious food on sticks.
  14. If you’re not from Minnesota, you need to at least once go shopping at the Mall of America. The mall boost with it’s huge variety of stores, sea life exhibit, many food options, indoor amusement park, and movie theater. The mall is huge in size and you’ll be walking quite much just trying to explore the entire mall.
  15. Want to go on amusement rides? One of the most popular amusement park in Minnesota is called Valley Fair. One roller coaster that people claim to be the tallest and scariest is The Wild Thing. If it’s not your favorite thing to do, there is also a water park at Valley Fair so you’re not stuck with just rides.
  16. Visit one of Minnesota’s iconic piece, the Spoonbridge and Cherry. It’s surrounded by green scenery and placed on a lake. A fun place to see and take quirky pictures.

There’s probably more activities available that you can do. It doesn’t take very much or cost a lot to enjoy summer in Minnesota. So while the weather is still warm and sunny, enjoy the outdoors before winter comes again!

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Today we had gone outside to take pictures of risk factors and positive factors. Meaning things we saw that helps the environment and community and how it portrays itself as. So the first thing I saw as I went outside was trees that looked like they were planted recently. And I think that that’s a positive factor because trees can help lower the pollution amount. As we moved on, we saw the park and pool, the good thing is that the park had sand. The sand will be safe because as everyone should know, Hmong International Academy has a lot of young kids. And by replacing cement with sand, it helps prevent any major accdient that might possibly happen.There was a sign that I saw that had asks everyone to help and clean up after themselves. I think that’s really good because as we went around to the gutters there were bottles and other things that belonged in the garbage. There was also a little road at the back of the park that led towards the playground and pool. I think that in order to gain a little safety, the road should be removed or at the least, there should be a Yield sign.

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Ever thought about going green? If every person can do something for the Earth, we would greatly reduce our impact on the environment. It’s important to be aware of our human footprints because we can’t use too much of the limited natural resources. Over-production, harmful chemicals, un-recyclable products, and trashes has damaged our Earth and will continue to harm our environment. It has dramatically affected animals and plants in terms of their homes and their own species. Therefore, it is better and wise for people to try to save the Earth by using sustainable and recyclable resources.

Globe Goes Green Icon Final

  • Bring your own recyclable/fabric bags to shop for groceries. It will help reduce plastic waste in the environment and you can use it over and over again. If it’s too much, there is the alternative to use the store provided paper bags.
  • Recycle what you can! Don’t forget about recycling common things such as papers, cans, cardboards, electronics, etc.
  • Purchase organic food when possible and support your local grocery stores/farmers. Not everyone can afford organic food since it is pricier in the U.S. But when possible, it is best to support those who have or produce chemical/hormone free products. It will be beneficial to your body as there is no/less toxins/chemicals/hormones that could affect your health.
  • Carpool with people or ride public transportation. It will help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide a.k.a the gas automobiles produce when burning gas, to transfer into the atmosphere. We can all decrease the rate of global warming by sharing vehicles.
  • Grow your own produces! If you have a green thumb or want to help the environment, it is always possible to have your own little garden. Seeds are widely available in great prices and it doesn’t take much time or space to plant them. You don’t have to be an expert at gardening, but just have the time and patience.
  • Compost your food waste. It would bring great fertile soil to your garden and you would not have to worry about wasting food. It’s not necessary, but will help decrease food waste in the environment.
  • Do chores the old fashion way! Sweep the floor with a broom, air dry your clothes if possible, and wash your dishes instead of using a dishwasher, etc. It is more time consuming and takes more energy, but it’ll be worth it.
  • Use energy saving objects in your daily life. It’s great to have or buy products that has energy saving features such as compact fluorescent bulb, energy efficient appliances, extra insulation, insulating blinds, solar panels, storm doors and windows, and water saving fixtures.
  • Reduce your water consumption. It’s great that we are provided with clean waters to use and drink. But it does come with a price because clean water doesn’t come for free. About 70% of Earth is covered in water and approximately 97% of it is salt water. We can’t drink salt water so it’s wise for us to conserve our fresh water as much as possible and not put harmful pollution in them.
  • Make things from scratch! You can always make things from scratch if you really don’t want any harmful things in your food/clothes/things. It can be quite hard to find the resources, but a fun project to try out. And it doesn’t have to be anything amazingly hard to do/make.
  • Have you thought about your own human footprint? Here is a website that lets you take a quiz to determine how many Earths necessary to support everyone if they followed your steps:

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In this program i have  learned how to keep communities safe and how to make them feel safe. Over thess past few days i have  met new people and learned abut things i didn’t know. Asian Media Access has also thought me how to stay away from dugs and what can happen if you use them or abuse them.

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Honestly, I thought that work would be harder than this. The first few days of work was okay, it was nice meeting new people and obviously, it’ll probably get better than this. It wasn’t jumping exciting but that’s because the first few days of work was supposed to help us and lay down all the procedures and rules. I think that maybe the only thing that was difficult for me was that I came one day late, so I kind of had to get the hang of things pretty quickly. But fortunately for me, there wasn’t a lot that I had to do to catch up with everyone else.

On the second day of work, my supervisors had gone over the topics and projects we were going to work with this summer. We also went over the kind of things we were going to do and which kind of format we were presenting it in. Throughout the summer, we will be making postcards and making videos about problems that teenagers are having today. Such things as teen pregnancy, runaways, substance use, gang violence and other things.

This summer was the first summer that I had got in to Step-Up. I had tried to get in last summer, but I didn’t get accepted.  I think that Step-Up can be helpful but at times, it’s kind of boring. Step-Up really helped me improve my resume and taught me other things that would really help me in an interview, but it was like school all over again. In my experience, my classes took about 8 hours long, and I just don’t think that 8 hours are needed.

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Bullying is not right and should not happen to anyone. Many people are victims of bullying and it has, still does, cause a lot of fear and suicides. The least we can do to make the world a better place is to use our voice to speak out against bullying.


If you are a victim of bullying, it’s time to speak out before it gets worse. Don’t let bullies take control of you. They’ll only make you be in constant fear. There are your friends and family to help you out. The best thing to do is ask for help from a close person and don’t take on bullies yourself. You aren’t alone in this situation.


If your friend or close ones are victims of bullying. It’s time for you to reach out to them for help and comfort. If not, ask for assistance to prevent future bullying. It’s best to do something helpful rather than just hearing or passing it like it’s okay. You should not ignore bullying because that victim may need help and is unable to ask for any.


Remember that bullying can come in any forms. It could be verbal, physical, and through online. No one wants or needs to feel like they are worth less than someone else. We can decrease bullying as long as we have open minds to reach out to the victims and encourage youths to respect one another.

Here are some data about bullying:

  • There are about 160,000 children that miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. –
  • Each year suicide claims approximately 30,000 lives in America which makes it responsible for more than 1% of all deaths in the U.S. – National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2013
  • Over half, about 56 percent, of all students have witnesses a bullying crime take place while at school. -
  • There were 38,364 suicides in 2010 in the United States — an average of 105 each day - National Center for Injury Prevention and Control [CDC], 2012
  • Of a 2011, national sample of students in high school (9th-12th grade), 15.8% reported that they seriously considered attempting suicide, 12.8% reported creating a plan, and 7.8% had attempted suicide 1 or more times – National Center for Injury Prevention and Control [CDC], 2012
  • More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online. –

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