My day at work  is going good so far. We only have one more day of work. My experience working with step up this summer was interesting and fun because I have done things that I have not done yet until now like riding a plane and riding the light rail to MOA. I will work with step up again but I don’t know when again. It was a good feeling making my own money because I always felt bad when I ask my parents for money. But now I have my own money to use. That was what my experience was like for working with step up this summer.

-Paying Yang

So today is the last day I will be blogging. At AMA I learned 1,200 people die everyday from tobacco use. Also 2 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese. My favorite memory here is when my group and the video crew played football in the gym and who ever lost had to do 10 push-ups. It was really fun here and I don’t think you need to change anything at AMA. Goodbye AMA.



Summer is the most popular season for people to go on vacations and trips. But many can forget to bring items to protect themselves from the harm. So here are the necessary travel items to bring:

  1. Sun protection! It’s important to protect your body from harmful sunlight. It can help prevent sunburn, skin cancer, wrinkles, etc. So try to wear sunglasses, sunscreen products, hats, and clothes to cover your skin from direct sunlight.
  2. Pack medicines! If you get motion sickness, cramps, headaches, stomaches, anything that may require medication then bring enough with you. It will help you feel a lot better along your trip.
  3. Bring a safety kit! Just in case an emergency happen or someone gets hurt, a safety kit can provide many aids without wasting time or money.
  4. Going out of the country? One thing that you must bring is your passport. Also, check to see if you may need to take shots before going so plan your clinic appointments ahead of your flight!
  5. Stay hydrated! Drink at least 8-ounces glasses of water. You may need to drink more because you will sweat more. If you are going to a third world country or a poor region, then always make sure to drink from bottled water.
  6. Bring bug spray! Try to avoid getting bitten or stung by bugs by wearing long sleeves and pants, staying indoors at night, and using bug repellants. They may carry diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and more.

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Today We made a postcard about fruit and eating healthy, we had little vegetables and fruits and put them together and came up wit a slogan

On Saturday we went out to stencil a few houses around the neighborhood. The group I was in we were stenciling like a pro and we went out to DQ after. So all in all, it was a good day.


On last Saturday, we went stenciling again. It was still hot, but the work was really easy. We got done faster then the last time we went stenciling. While stenciling at a lady house, she complimented us on our work and ask us to come back and do some other language stenciling on her sidewalk. After we were done stenciling we all squeeze into Tie’s car and went to DQ.


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On Saturday we went to stencil around his neighborhood and we put ball on houses that wanted it. It was a pretty good day . After we got  go to dairy queen and get a little – big treat!

Today we did a collage of fruit characters that were made by our video crew. We had to add a slogan and use all 13 fruit characters. They were awesome characters to and I had lots of fun making my collage. So that is what we did today and it was a pretty normal day.


my day at work was good. When we sprayed painted on saturday , we meet a lady that wantted more of our sign but with different language. After that we went to dairy queen and ate ice cream. We also went to a team work camp for a day. It was fun doing it. We did a high rope course and played some games like jump rope. We created some posters about eating right with drawings that the AMA kids drew. The drawings were fruits and vegetables. That was what we did today and last week

-Paying Yang

On Thursday AMA had a block party with a lot of games an food, people there seemed to be having a good time. One of the games I thought was most popular was Basketball and Table Soccer because those games seemed to have the most traffic. Those games also had prizes that children liked.

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