On Saturday we went out to stencil a few houses around the neighborhood. The group I was in we were stenciling like a pro and we went out to DQ after. So all in all, it was a good day.


On last Saturday, we went stenciling again. It was still hot, but the work was really easy. We got done faster then the last time we went stenciling. While stenciling at a lady house, she complimented us on our work and ask us to come back and do some other language stenciling on her sidewalk. After we were done stenciling we all squeeze into Tie’s car and went to DQ.


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On Saturday we went to stencil around his neighborhood and we put ball on houses that wanted it. It was a pretty good day . After we got  go to dairy queen and get a little – big treat!

Today we did a collage of fruit characters that were made by our video crew. We had to add a slogan and use all 13 fruit characters. They were awesome characters to and I had lots of fun making my collage. So that is what we did today and it was a pretty normal day.


my day at work was good. When we sprayed painted on saturday , we meet a lady that wantted more of our sign but with different language. After that we went to dairy queen and ate ice cream. We also went to a team work camp for a day. It was fun doing it. We did a high rope course and played some games like jump rope. We created some posters about eating right with drawings that the AMA kids drew. The drawings were fruits and vegetables. That was what we did today and last week

-Paying Yang

On Thursday AMA had a block party with a lot of games an food, people there seemed to be having a good time. One of the games I thought was most popular was Basketball and Table Soccer because those games seemed to have the most traffic. Those games also had prizes that children liked.

Thursday July 22nd we had a block party for the community and we had to set up and host games for people. It was pretty fun I was hosting the ladder ball game and everyone liked it after it was done some people from the community helped pack up some of the stuff. So it was a lot of fun that day and I think the best game was the ladder ball.


On last Thursday AMA had a block party. The block party was really fun.  There were performances, food, and fun games to play. One game that I really like was the basketball mini hoops. I liked the mini hoops game because I really like basketball and you got to compete. So that was pretty cool to me. Me and Jacobi had the station table soccer, it was really fun.

On last Thursday, AMA had a block party. The block party was really fun. We got a lot of people that participated with us. There were performances, food, many fun games to play. One game that I really like was the acrobatics stations. I liked the acrobatics stations because there was things that I have seen before but had never try it out yet. So that was pretty interesting. I also liked the other games too, like my station, the wheel of zodiac.


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by Tanya Zhu

The lotus is an amazingly delicious plant. Aside from the medicinal uses of the lotus plant, the entire plant is edible. After the flower blooms, the golden seed pod turns a vibrant green, which grows larger as the seeds fatten. Eating fresh lotus seeds from a newly picked pod is heaven on earth. The seed germ has not yet developed its signature bitter taste, so you can pop the whole thing in your mouth. The stem of the lotus can be sauteed, as can the lotus root. The root and seeds are the most commonly used parts, but the lotus leaf is great for eating (with scrambled eggs) or wrapping (zong zi!) or as a tea, while the flower can also be lightly battered and fried (not unlike elephant ears). Yum.




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