today we prepared for door knocking, that we are going to do on Monday. we prepared all day n we also made a speech. we practice with all the other interms. we also made some pictures with photoshop .

-charley lewis

Today we worked on preparing for door knocking. It was easy to do also very fast. We worked on computers as we do usually and took notes on bicultural healthy living. Also enjoyed my day at work.

~ Sania Pickens

Today we achieve our goal of drawing 100 characters.  We are currently now scanning all the character we draw for the past week.


Today we had training all day. We talked about door knocking and how we are starting door knocking on monday. Their are many safety keys when door knocking like never go into someones house. Also never to drink or eat food from someone. We did a speech I had to present.


Thursday, July 2nd 2015

This morning Maya came in and talked about B.A.L.L to us PLC, STEPUP, and AMA students. Later on after that we drew some drawings and finished one hundred drawings in total. Lastly, Chou came in and showed us a movie for the time being.


Hello again everybody, this is Pheng Xiong with the BALL marketing team from Asian Media Access. Today was another awesome day at HIA. We discussed about bicultural healthy living with Maya and got a better understanding of it this morning. With the remainder time, we finished up our 100 pictures of cute animals and fruits and vegetables that we are planning to make a collage out of to put up as a bus sign. We are scanning them through and saving them for tomorrow and which we will put them together. I hope this project will be a successful and fun project!


Today my group and I finished drawing 100 characters for our healthy living project. It is a great accomplishment.

Today i draw and finish drawing hundred chacter. also have fun playing with people

Today was a success, me and my team had just finished the 100 characters development. And every thing we’ve done has been filled with excitement and fun filled task to do. This is one very fun Intern to do. I plan on working with them possibly in the future.

Today at the radio station, I thought it went pretty well when we were interviewing Victoria. We tried to ask as much questions as we could and we kind of ran out of questions to ask but still tried. And after 4 sections of interviewing Victoria, we talked about what kind of music we like or what kind of music we listen to. Then we flow it into what instrument we played and what we liked about the instrument or what instrument would we like to learn. For the last section we talked about our own experience with dancing and what kind of dancing we do. Overall we are doing improving each time we go to the radio station and just have a flow of conversation.

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