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A few more PSAs from the 2009 media camp.

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1day i wuz at home wit mi mom nd sista nd then mi door bell rang, i went 2 answer da door nd there wuz like 6 or 7 gurlz outside. i wuz like wut do yall want nd a gurl wuz like where yo sista at but 4 some reason mi mom wuz yellin at me, tellin me to close da door. i left nd the bell rang again, all da gurlz wuz still there, 1 of da gurlz said tell yo sista i bet she wont c me n dem hands though, i wuz lookin at her like wut iz u talkin about, then mi sisa came 2 get me away from da door cuz mi mom wuz still yellin at me. when da gurlz saw mi sista they all started yellin sayin wut it do, do somethin nd all that. then mi mom came out nd they all talked nd everything wuz ok again.

i dont kno wut happened dat day, i guess mi sista said somethin to them or somethin but o well

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Throughout all of my life I there is only one race that is the most violent race hmong gangs. I seen so many fights among ourself its a shame that we are label as the most cruel yet violent race. Every year at the Hmong New Year the will always be a outbreak among ourself. I don’t know why we fight among ourself is it ego and pride over colors or is it the part of being a man? From what i seen till this very day writing this post i have come to a question to Hmong Guys who are in gangs Aren’t you worried about your future? Is it the money and fame you want from it? Well if you are then make a difference in your life think about yourself five years from now. Are you just going to get married and settle down with no good education.

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this was when i went over to my cousin and pay them a visit and they were outside doing something strange and i ask them what are they doing and they told me they were trying to get people to join their gang that they came up with. That was the second time i was shock and feel dissapointed in them. They also ask if i wanted to join too but i refuse.

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song better_life

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fong teen violence


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