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1. HIV destroys certain types of white blood cells to weaken the body.
2. When people first get infected, symptom of fever, rashes, swollenness, and fatigue may last a few days to several weeks.
3. Many people may remain well for years and half may develop AIDS.
4. HIV can be transmit through sexual contact, injection (sharing needles), and from mother to child.
5. HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is caused by a virus called retrovirus, which is the reverse process of copying DNA.
6. HIV can caused memory loss, shortage of breathe, swelling, and decrease of sex hormones.
7. HIV occurs mostly by unprotected sex, to prevent it use condoms. Other ways to prevent HIV is access to clean needles.
8. A drug that is used to slow the process of HIV spreading is called Antiretroviral Drug.
9. Most people who have AIDS seem to feel a rapid decline in their quality of life.
10. In 2004 an estimated of 4,883 young people are diagnose with HIV or AIDS.
11. Over the past 27 years, 25 million people died from HIV/AIDS worldwide.
HIV/AIDS is similar to other illness like cancer because it can affect young people and adults. It’s also a serious issue that lives among us. People of all diverse races are affected by HIV even though some may not be educated or have concerns about it. It may be targeting youth and they may not even know it. It can be life threatening.

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- Past 27 years- nearly 25million people have died from AIDS.
- HIV/AIDS debilitating illness and premature death in people during their prime year of life.
- In 2008, about 2 million people died of AIDS, 33.4 million were living with HIV and 2.7 million people were newly infected with the virus.
- More than 90% of people with HIV are living in the developing world.
- Women and girls are now comprised 50% of those aged 15 and older living with HIV.
- 2008, 430,000 children under age 15 were infected with HIV and 270,000 died of AIDS.
- Everyday more than 7,400 men, women and children are infected with HIV.
- Estimated that 1 in 4 of those currently living with HIV in U.S is not aware that they are infected.
- Groups at highest risk-injecting drugs users, men who have sex with men, and commercial sex workers and their regular sex partners.
- 2010 HIV/AIDS- 56,000 new infections that are reported every year are caused by 20% of infected person that are unaware of their HIV status.

HIV/AIDS is a very dangerous virus to be infected with. More people are being infected every day; it is spread all over the world. I believed that getting check is the best way to save yourself and everybody around you. It can cause death to you and people you love.

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HIV, AIDS song vang

- HIV can be transmitted by body fluid that contain virus or infected cells. Such as blood transmission, semen, vaginal secretion and breast milk.
- HIV can’t be transmitted by touching, holding, or dry kissing.
- Once HIV is inside a body it will attach to several types of white blood cell, but the most important are the helper T lymphocytes.
- When initially infected by HIV many people have no noticeable symptom in the first few weeks.
- Within a few weeks, fever, rashes, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and variety of less common symptom.
- Before diagnosis doctor ask about risk factor for HIV infection, and then they do a physical examination for any information.
- It’s always good or important for early diagnosis because it may help infected people live longer and healthier.
- To prevent from having HIV is by not having sexually contact or if have to then use a condom, and use clean needle
- HIV is a virus that cannot yet be cure but their can still be treated.
- HIV can be treated by taking several classes of drugs.

When I first heard about HIV and AIDS I wasn’t that concern or not afraid of it. But when I started learning about HIV and AIDS and what it do to the host, I felt fear and pressure that I might have it if I don’t be concern of it. So then I started going deeper into what else can HIV do and be prepare for it, also is there any care or treatment to it. So that one day I might be safe or never be infected by this virus called HIV and AIDS.

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1. HIV destroys white blood cell to weaken the body
2. Symptoms are fever and rashes when you first get HIV
3. HIV becomes AIDS after 10years or within 10years
4. Medicine cannot kill HIV but slow it down
5. HIV-1 is worldwide and HIV-2 is mostly in West Africa
6. HIV can cause memory loss to people
7. People who have AIDS seem to feel normal
8. In 2004 about 4,888 young people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
9. HIV killed more than 3,000,000 people worldwide
10. HIV/AIDS came from monkeys then went to humans.

HIV/AIDS is a disease that nobody wants to have and 1 in 5 people in the US that has HIV/AIDS do not know they have it. In 1999 people from age 15 to 24 became infected with HIV/AIDS everyday that’s about five people every minute. About 47% of the 34.3 million adults living with HIV/AIDS worldwide are women.

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The devastating effects of HIV/AIDS

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Using a collage of individual testimonies, this video pieces together a PSA on what the students have learned about HIV and AIDS.

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