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i share a room nd bed wit mi little sista nd 1 nite b4 we went 2 sleep she told me dat i wuz talkin n mi sleep da nite b4. i wuz like wut did i say cuz its alwayz funny 2 kno wut we said, she told me 1st i said who drivin, who drivin, who drivin, then she told me i said who n da tub, who n da tub, wait …… who n da tub. hahahaha i started laughin so hard i wuz cryin.

i dont remember wut i wuz dreamin about but it wuz funny :)

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In the best tradition of the 48-Hour Film Project, we gave the youth 3 hours to finish this movie, complete with the given one line of dialog that must be included, a genre, a prop, and a character.

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