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My name Choua Lo, and I will be writing about my Step up experience with AMA up to now. The experiences that I have gained is photoshopping on the computer and what to put on a resume for future references. I learned how to properly create a flyer or postcard with the photoshop program on the IMac. Things that I have done is an obesity flyer on photo shop just for practice or to get use with using the program. Skills that I want to learn is how to use photoshop in a way that will help me in the future. One thing I did over the weekend is play basketball with my friends.

My name is Kaliag Lor, and I dance for AMA. I’ve been dancing with AMA for 4 years, and I’ve decided to work with them this year. So far I’ve learned how to make my own resume. Some skills that I want to learn is how to be successful and what to say during interviews. Over the weekend I went to my friend’s house and we caught up on how we’re doing in life.

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This week I have learned many things about photoshopping and about other work related things. I also learned about B.A.L.L/ bi-cultural with Maya.  We did some photoshopping and creating flyers/postcard for obesity. I want to know more about photoshop and how to use the tools in photoshop. Also, I want to improve on my communication skills. One thing that I did over the weekend was hanging out with some friends.


In the week that I have been working with AMA, I have learned about what guerrilla marketing is and the many strategies used for it. I have created posters to promote healthy living such as exercising and eating well balanced meals. I have improved in my graphic designing skills in the days I’ve been working. The group I have been placed in for the guerrilla marketing team is really creative. I hope our promotions will go well and that our target audiences will put healthy living into consideration. Over the weekend, I spent time dancing and catching up on sleep.

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