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By Doua Moua

I cry like a wild river

And I shatter to pieces like broken glass

I fade away with memories that I have to make

But with memories that I can’t forsake

But for future that I will take.

By Mary Jane Latu

I am lonely…

Why am I lonely?

I am a good girl

I have good grades

But still I am lonely

I have friends

We hang out at the mall

Call each other and go out for movies

But still I am lonely.

I have a boyfriend that care about me

But still I AM LONELY

Why am I SO LONELY!!!

Maybe I am lonely is because I have my child.

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By Phoua Khang

(*100% original*

and help from

Gao Hli Yang

*90% original*)


tummy was seen;

and of course,

wedding at 16.

Yes, by force.

Life is ruined,

Can’t complain.

Just a wife,

W/a great shame.

Can’t face any parents.

Not even their selves.

Cause of their race,

Sad deaths be up their shelves.

– my experience I saw

my Hmong friend…and

her husband…yeah…

By Teresa Her, Panhia Lor, Mai Choua Thao, Dia Her, Anna Her

Every thought & fear coming in & out from deep w/in the heart

Still trying to figure how & what to play in this part,

Trying to figure some ways to motivate themselves

But…how they gonna start, the babies near.

How long it would take before it end out of

The pains and stress it’s making me.

Every thought & fear coming in & out from

Deep with in the heart

Staring, but you see nothing, but blue thru your tears

Wanting to cry, but there’s too much pain

To let it all out

Scars in your heart from all your regrets

You dream of still being pure back in da day

Wake up in the morning & there the pain comes back

So every night she dreams

& every morning she faces reality!

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You don’t take notice

I brag about not wanting to go to school.

I brag about my last years in high school,

but after coming to media camp,

I don’t think I brag anymore.

Because one day away seems different to me.

Everything I miss, I miss my friends, I miss you,

but worst of all I miss school.

These are the little things

that counts and everyday I don’t take notice.

Lifelong friends

Friends are forever,

friends are here for you

friends bring happiness into your life.

Friends last forever.

Dangerous, ignorance all the same.

Addictive, hooked, careless looks.

All just said best not be you.

For the future depends on thee.

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Why the pain?

The tears that falls.

Keeps me awake and drives me crazy.

Letting me know that I am losing it all.

A new life is created,

while our youth is faded.

A child is born,

but welcome with hatred.

Sex, is not how good or bad you are;

sex, is about safety,

sex, is a yes or no,

sex, is whether your ready or not.

Abortion is like a flower with on power,

abortion is a choice,

whether you want it or not.

It also hurts a lot,

so don’t do it

you’ll break like the twin towers.

Sex is the bad choice for young teens,

sex leads to new born human

sex means responsibility till the day you die.

Sex means people have feelings about each other.

Sex is what people do pretty much every day.

So use CONDOMS!!!!!!

Lighting the candle is turning of the lights.

lighting a candles sets you free.
Peer pressure changes peoples mind,

peer pressure leads to bad things,

peer pressure is hard to avoid.

Peer pressure is like an evil striking;

so stand up to peer pressure and do the right thing.


Teen pregnancy

Early marriage comes to early parenting.

Early marriage comes for more responsibility.

Early marriages departs close friends.

Early marriages complicate your life.

Early marriage; is that what you want?

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Now what?

Where can our love go,

I want everything to move slow,

I just want to be by your side,

I want our love to be strong and hope it won’t collide,

Loving you in the beginning was one thing,

Never knew that sex & pregnancy would make a big change,

I wish I never should of done it,

But I just wanted you to be happy and make it fit,

Now that you walked away,

I hope you’ll realize you have responsibilities

to take care of one day.

Passions released

Feelings retold

Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I cry…

The one day I regret

The one day I miss

He got me twisted

He got me twisted…

He used me,

One night of passion

One night of love

It wasn’t even love

It wasn’t even infatuation

It was lust

And for what?

One night of passion

And one night of love

I placed myself into such a scandalous situation

I got nothing but shame

And my family’s so ashamed of me

They ain’t even trying to see

Who do I got?

What do I have?

One child to care for

One child to care for

And for what?

One night of passion,

One night of love

It’s like doing 25-to-life,

But I’m doing life,

Cuz my family ain’t know me

And it ain’t right,

Cuz I’m a baby and I got a baby myself.

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Teenage Pregnancy

2003 Media Camp


I love you girl so bad,

Staring sometimes it bothers me a little bit,

We both thought about having sex,

We didn’t know what was going to happen next,

Why did you have to make that phone call,

It made me mad & think so much and all,

I wished it went back to the old times when we were happy,

We should of never had sex and let it be,

Now that you’re pregnant what are we to do now,

We’re still young & need to find a way to make it somehow,

I guess I’m the father of our baby,

I never knew it’s going to take so many responsibilities.

Think twice

Love is love,

Don’t mess it up,

Come on to your senses

Try not to get locked up behind those fences,

Don’t get involved in that sex scandal,

& wrap yourself up in that unbreakable cocoon,

You have your choices of being free,

Don’t try to mess up your family tree,

Because of pregnancy that got you this far,

Who knows you might end up walking

Instead of driving a car.

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A Poem 2 My Mom

by Boleeria Jackson

When u grow



When u r happy




When u sink






2 pull u out

When u cry

I will B the 1 2 wipe your tears away

When u r scared

I will be the one to tell u not to


When u fall I will b the one to help u up.

Here is why I write this

Because I love u and u

Can count on me to always

Be there

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By Jeffrey Vang

When I was born and came to be,

I came to this world and started to pee,

I started out young like everyone,

When I grew up and tried try my best,

My best to be better,

Better than everyone,

Everyone I knew,

I knew how to be better,

Better than my folks,

My folks who made me,

Made me who I am today,

Today I am the person I am,

Every single day,

Every single day trying to be better,

Better than myself,

Then I lost my mind,

I didn’t know what to do where to be how to see,

To see my way through the difficulties,

The difficulties of my life,

My life which I spend time,

Time to get better so I can pass school,

Pass school there is a gate,

A gate that tells you who you are,

You are what you wanted to be,

All you gotta do is make the right choice,

The choice to be who you want to be…………

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By: Joshua Tou Yeng Yang

I live in this world rule by race,

But I see tears of my people,

Tears of the Hmong,

The crying of the young longing for their moms.

The discrimination for the sad stories our parents told us about the Vietnam War,

Being laughed at school,

Being the blamed why the U.S. lost the war.

Being mistaken everywhere we go,

Being call Chinese,

Being call chink,

Being call gooks,

It hurts my heart and my soul.

I live in this world rule by race,

But I see tears of my people,

Tears of the Hmong,

The crying of the young longing for their moms.

The discrimination for the sad stories our parents told us about the Vietnam War,

Being laughed at school,

Being the blamed why the U.S. lost the war.

Being mistaken everywhere we go,

Being call Chinese,

Being call chink,

Being call gooks,

It hurts my heart and my soul.

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The Ride

August Heggestad

As I go, advancing through the night,
I will gallop, I will trot, I will ride,
Jumping up, like a baby bird, attempting flight,
Leaping over rocks and broken trees on their side,

The ground, black, and the heavens, ablaze,
The war above raging with an inner fire,
My heart too fast a rhythm, my feet, crazed,
The evil behind me, pushing me higher,

The burning forest a sight to see,
I fear the thing that all things dread,
But with the fire almost catching me,
And the thing behind me that wants my head,

My efforts never good enough,
No time to say I’ve had it rough.

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