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Slogans for runaway

  1. Why run here???
  2. Why are these young girls here?
  3. What are your reason for running away?
  4. Does these kids deserve to be eating trash because they’re runaways?
  5. Why sleep here???

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    Homeless & Runaway Youth

    Percent of Homeless & Runaway Youth:

    v    Homeless and runaway youth among young people is a serious and complex issue.

    v    The National Runaway Switchboard estimates that there are approximately 1.3 million hom

    v    That is throwaway and runaway youth living on streets, in abandoned buildings, in shelter, transitional house.

    v    Homeless youth are individuals under the age of eighteen who lack parental, foster, or institutional care. These young people are sometimes referred to as “unaccompanied” youth.

    v    There are an estimated 1,682,900 homeless and runaway youth.

    v    This number is equally divided among males and females, and the majority of them are between the ages of 15 and 17.

    v    According to the National Network of Runaway and Youth Services, six percent of homeless youth are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

    v    Ten percent of homeless youth were recorded as pregnant…

    v    46% of runaway and homeless youth had been physically abused.

    v    17% were forced into unwanted sexual activity by a family or household member.

    v    Between 1.6 and 2.8 million youth runaway in a year.


    v    Causes of homelessness among youth fall into three inter-related categories: family problems, economic problems, and residential instability.

    Many homeless leave home after:

    v    Years of physical and sexual abuse.

    v    Strained relationship.

    v    Addiction of a family member.

    v    And parent neglect.

    v    Parents either told them to leave or knew they were leaving and did not care.

    v    Some youth may become homeless when their families suffer financial crises from lack of affordable housing, limited employment opportunities wages, no medical insurance, or inadequate welfare befits.

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    Hmong youth girls runaway

    Records show that the Hmong girls, many of them runaways, have been raped at Twin Cities area farms, motel rooms, basements, garages and closets. Some were threatened at gunpoint. Some were lured with drugs.

    Secrecy and shame — losing one’s virginity without marriage is considered a violation of a basic tenet of the Hmong culture, and sometimes girls are blamed for allowing the rape to happen — keep victims from reporting the crime.


    The task force was formed because so many Hmong girls run away, and so many of them are victimized when they do.

    Hmong girls often run away to escape traditional responsibilities at home — cooking, cleaning and caring for their younger siblings. But studies show that the longer a child stays away from home, the greater the chance the runaway will be sexually exploited.

    And runaway Hmong girls face a particular danger: Hmong gangs

    at least a quarter of the runaways end up being sexually exploited.

    the 1998 rape and murder of Pa Nhia Lor, 13, of St. Paul. The girl had been a chronic runaway and truant, and county officials were frustrated by their inability to protect her.

    After age 13, girls were far more likely to run than boys.


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    Teen runaway  is  a way to make teen get involved into crimes and accidents.  As a young teen I experience runaway from home, it nothing like where your going out to have fun it’s where you think to go to stay for a long period of time. I myself eventually got influence to do thing I never thought I would do. It also scary to go back home when u know you miss it and for me deep down i was really scary to go back home to take my punishment, that is what I thought but going back is a good choice because parent usually worry and don’t care about punishment after seeing there children back home safe. I myself strongly encourage other not to run away because home is the best place on earth, nothing will accept you more than your home.

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    what do you get2then what2not an option2Don't Fade Away2appreciate yor life2

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    During my summer vacation I got a Job at Asian Media Access. My friends worked with me but later on we all got into a fight. Rumors started and things happen. Gang violence, drug abuse, drinking, and run away started became a habit for me. I thought all was against me but yhea things happen.

    I started hanging around gang members and didn’t take it for a fact that I could have gotten gang related that way. People who even I don’t know knew of my name everywhere and said things that spread out to be known as wild rumors. I blamed it all on my friends and said yhea it was their fault because they were spreading the rumors about me but just to realize it now they warned me about it way before I started hanging out with my other friends.

    I started smoking weed not so long ago. I thought maybe if I got high I could’ve forgot some of the pain. Maybe I’ll feel better. It didn’t, I just got tried faster and found out it was a total waste of time. Then I switched with cigarettes and yhea it helped a bit. Bad for your health but I thought it wasn’t so bad. I still smoke sometime but not too much anymore.

    Drinking wasn’t a big issue for me. After my dad had left I felt good because I didn’t have to go to my cousins house no more and be forced to drink with them. Later on now I regret it. I tried getting drink every now and then just to see if I can get drunk and maybe forget the pain of living life. Yhea I know I’m kind of suicidal but yhea life is life no ones perfect.

    I started running away from home cause of all the rumors and people around me and yhea things just got tiring for me. Whenever I got home it didn’t feel like home and it still doesn’t. So I ran off from places to places hoping to find what was right for me. I still don’t like staying at just one place but I have to for now.

    I had serous issuer wrong with my life. Everything was chained together. I started smoking and hang out with smokers. Then I started drinking which I thought you know it could help you out some day by forgetting memories.

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