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The worst birthday ever..

Who: A young overweighted boy

What: felt upset holding his toy

Where: at the park

When:  on his birthday

Why: because they told him to go away.

On a school day…

Who: A upset girl

What: mad at herself

Where: at school

When: during cheerleader try outs

Why: because they had no outfits her size.

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Who: An obese man age of 21

What: Sad and lonely

Where: A Friends house party

When: Saturday night from 4 pm-4 am

Why: Because nobody wants to talk to him because of his weight

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Who: A happy teenage girl

What: Looking in the mirror excited about how she looks

Where: In her bedroom

When: On a beautiful summer day

Why: Because she likes how she looks in her swim suit

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Who:A young neglected girl in her room

what: Alone  and miserable in her body

Where: positoned in her bedroom from the weight

When:On a beautiful sunny day

Why: The strugggle of every step due to the overload of her weight

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A lonely child

Looking in her reflection, questioning herself

“Am I beautiful? Or am I ugly?”

In the bathroom mirror

After she’s gone three days without eating

Because she’s anorexic…

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who: a boy

what: running for hours

where: a gym in apple vally

when: on a hot holiday weekend

why: because he wanted to get fit

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A very stressed girl

Crying non-stop

On the swing set at the park

On a dark gloomy rainy day

Because she hates the way her body looks

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Who:     A quiet and upset girl

What:   Hating her body and face

Where: In her school’s restroom

When:  During her schools pep rally

Why:     She thinks she is not “perfect”

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A depressed Boy

eating too much junk food

at home

during a storm

because he thinks he to skinny.

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who: a outsider teen

what: eating away the pain

where: at the loser table

when: on a school day

why: because she can’t  see the beauty in her self

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