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Today we did a postcard and a fact sheet on tobacco. It was very interesting to know 480,000 people die per day due to tobacco. Its Also extremely sad to hear that addiction to tobacco is a major problem not only nation wide but worldwide. As a youth i am striving to change the future of tobacco and its harmful ways. Asian media access is a great way to reach that dream because they are promoting healthy living and it inspires me more day to day making these postcards and factsheets.

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I learned how many people Tobacco kills on a daily basis. Tobacco products kill over 1,200 people a day. I also learned they are planning to make a MetroTransit Light-rail in North Minneapolis.

We also watched a video on the topic Bi-Cultural. Bi-Cultural means to me, all people come together from different cultures and try to be one. They end up sharing parts of their culture with others and take on the ways other cultures.

If i was in the Tobacco film, I would’ve talked about how Tobacco products rip families apart Physically, Mentally, and Financially. I would also talk about the damage it does to your Lungs, Throat, and Body. I would also have said don’t try it because its highly addictive  and you wouldn’t want to take the risk.

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Smoking is a very bad habit to teens and adults. Young people who smokes is at least at the age of 15 yrs. old & up. Why young people do smoke is because of stress from problems round them, peered pressured from peers, education, and in different perspective some people thinks it’s “cool.” Most young people who find it hard to quit smoking is because of so much nicotine that they get from regular use of smoking causing addictions. In some use and people who I know that smokes has affected me in ways I don’t want to see myself in the next couple of years. I don’t want close family relatives to pass away from addictions that I could stop them from. So every time when I attend to family gatherings, I’ll target the people who smokes and put some good sense into them. I’m not even kidding. I even convinced my boyfriend to stop smoking and it’s been a year since he had one. It’s bad to all people who smoke and people who are around them. It could give you (second-hand smoke) lung cancer even if you never smoked a cigarette in your life. So that’s why I choose to be tobacco free.

Smoking ad’s



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From the “Anti-Tobacco on Youth” brochure, here are 10 tips to keep away from tobacco and stop it from spreading.


1.    Prevent yourself from secondhand smoking (don’t breath in the same air when smokers are smoking).

2.    Avoid being peer pressured from your social groups and society.

3.    Stray away from smokers that could possible try to put you in awkward situation.

4.    Prevent putting your health at risk by not using tobacco.

5.    Help discuss about tobacco use and its risks with younger people.

6.    Keep cigarette smokers far from young children and babies when you can.

7.    If you’re 18 and over, don’t buy cigarette packs for youths.

8.     Don’t use electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco use. It is proven to be harmful as well.

9.    Try to cope with your problems/stress in a healthy positive way, rather than turning to tobacco and other dangerous sources as your first resort.

10. Say no to tobacco when offered.

Remember the choice is yours. Think about what you can do and what you would do for yourself and for the sake of others. It’s not about everything else at the end of the day so be smart about your decisions.

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“Each day in the United States, more than 3,200 people younger than 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette.”


Have you ever wonder why so much teens are part of the overall population who smokes tobacco? It is an issue that people, programs, and campaigns have been trying to prevent because of the health issues related to tobacco. Despite the strong emphasis that tobacco use is dangerous, why exactly are teens still continuing to do it?

Well, here are some possible reasons why:

  • Access to tobacco resources. Whether it’s someone they know or a specific place that they can purchase it, illegal exchanges and distribution are widely spread in the U.S. Teens may have a lot of connections such as a dealer, friends, family, etc., that allows them to have the substance.
  • Peer pressure. Teens are easily pressured to grow up by society and people. Those who are older or ‘experienced’ consider themselves highly upon others who have not tried it. So that is why teens are influenced to fit in with everyone by doing what the ‘experienced’ group want. (And this extends more than tobacco).
  • Trying too hard to be living the ’stereotype’ teenage life. We all know that there are stereotypes of what American teens should behave like: being rebellious, crazy, wild, party animals, and unpredictable. It is how society project the way teens should act like: partying, having early intercourse, doing drugs, and drinking underage. When teens see those things, they start to accept it and think they should act like that. So some teens may want to live up to those stereotypes because they think that in order to experience the ‘teenage life’, that it is the correct way. (Which it is incorrectly presented and too overrated.) Maybe it’s time for everyone to change their mindset on how they can experience teen life?
  • Person pleaser. Sometimes, it’s the individual who is a person who can’t stand up for themselves and other teens take advantage of that. When someone is a person pleaser, they’re easily targeted and do things that they may not want to do. There might be some fear involved that they may lose their friends or judged or not fit in or are afraid and cannot speak up.
  • Some teens simply don’t care. Not everyone pays attention to the health risks of using tobacco or don’t care at all. There is not much we can do for them because it is their choice after all. We can advise teens in hope to decrease the amount of teen tobacco users, but at the end of day, it’s up to them to decide.
  • Stress? Stress can vary from mild to bad, but teens may turn to more dangerous routes to cope with it. There are other available options to deal with stress. But some teens would not want to discuss about it with someone or try another positive alternative.
  • Want to try tobacco? Teens are curious about a lot of things and that is both a good and bad thing. In reality, it is not like teens don’t know using tobacco can harm their body. Some use the excuse of how they just want to ‘try’. We can’t stop their curiosity and decisions when it comes to health related matters. We can only educate them best about the risks.
  • Outside influence. Besides the usually circle of friends and family, there are outside influence that causes teens to want to use tobacco. For example, influential people and things such as celebrities, movies, music, magazines, etc. Those kinds of things does put an image in teens’ heads that it’s socially, culturally accepted. Yes, people in the U.S. are allowed to smoke at the age of a legal adult. But it doesn’t apply to the underage population.
  • Some teens/kids start younger than expected. And it means kids younger than high school age do use tobacco too. This is a huge problem because that means tobacco use is spreading onto younger kids everyday. It is likely that these younger generations may not realize the larger consequences of using tobacco. And, young tobacco users are more likely to continue when they’re in high school and possibly after it. “In 2012, 6.7% of middle school and 23.3% of high school students currently used tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, snus, smokeless tobacco, pipes, bidis, keteks, dissolvable tobacco, and electronic cigarettes.” –
  • It could be addiction? Some teens don’t know that tobacco contains harmful chemicals such as nicotine. A substance that is founded to be addictive and could cause nicotine addiction. So that is why it’s hard for people to stop using tobacco. There are those teens who are not aware that tobacco addiction is both a mental and health issue that needs help.

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With the introduction of cigarettes, many negative effects continue to happen because of the toxic chemicals that are being made available and sold to people. Although the tobacco industry has been around more than 50 years, their customers probably have not made it that far. It is quite sad that the sacrifice for such riches are their customers who are the ones at risks. Here are some facts that you should know about cigarettes:


“Over the past 50 years, more than 20 million Americans have died as a result of smoking, including 2.5 million nonsmokers who died from heart disease or lung cancer caused by exposure to secondhand smoke.” -

  • Smokers now are more at risks compared to smokers in the past due to the change of ingredients in cigarettes.
  • The tobacco industry continues to thrive and increase the price of their brand(s) and in return, makes billions of profit each year off of their customers.
  • People who smoke put lasting effect on their teeth. Not only will the teeth began to stay yellowish, there will be a increase of plaque and tartar, risk of developing oral cancer and luekoplakia, and losing teeth involved.
  • The effect it takes on our society is the increased death rates, loss of productivity, and increased health care cost.
  • Cigarettes have been proved to be addictive with nicotine as one of the ingredients, therefore, it does explain one of the reasons why people still continue to smoke.
  • Factors that influence people to smoke even though they know it is bad for them is because of stress, peer pressure, temptation, curiosity, parental/surrounding smokers, false information, addiction, media, and comfort.
  • Tobacco related diseases are preventable! But it is really up to smokers to decide when to quit and let their body recover.
  • There is no real solution to shut down the tobacco industry, but we can decrease the rate of deaths, lower the risk of diseases, and cigarette customers.
  • Smokers will often cough up mucus that went wrongly into the lungs, therefore a continuous cycle of shortness of breath and having less oxygen in the body.
  • There are reasons why cigarettes don’t have the ingredients in it listed on the package. It is because they do not want their customers to know the chemicals and toxins that are put in cigarettes. If tobacco industries did such thing, it would undermine their point that “smoking is acceptable”.

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Do you know what you’re smoking in cigarettes?

Cigarettes contain nicotines which increases the chance of stroke. Also, your body will crave for nicotine over time that can lead to an addiction.

You will be inhaling carbon monoxide, the gas that is produced in the car exhaust.

One cigarette can damage your lungs and weaken your immune system.

Do you want to inhale arsenic which is found in rat poison? Ammonia which are found in toilet cleaners?

The more you smoke, the more you are at risk in cancer.

Stop smoking today.

For your health sake and those loved ones around you.


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Tobacco Poetry 1

Tobacco, truth has been told

Tobacco, I’m snappin cigarettes

Tobacco has disrespected us, now it’s time to fight back

Tobacco, cigarettes are dangerous

Tobacco destroys our lungs, tobacco destroys our lives

So we can’t have any fun

Tobacco can’t you see

We already know that you killed me

Tobacco Poetry 2

Tobacco is wacko, it makes me sicko

Tobacco is harmful, it is very alarmful

Tobacco is bad, it makes people sad

Just to smoke a pack, which you will regret, and can’t take it back

So when you die, please say goodbye

So please, if you’re thinking about smoking, don’t

Tobacco Poetry 3

Tobacco, if you’re a teen, don’t smoke the jelly bean

Or you’ll become mean

It makes you want to scream in pain, it makes you go insane

So don’t smoke, or you’ll look like a dog

Face all wrinkly, breath all smelly

Teeth all yellowy

It’s gonna be deadly

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